A geeky girl living in the big city, making her way, the only way she knows how... no wait, that's The Dukes of Hazzard. Who am I again? Oh yeah, a pop culture obsessed writer, publishing person, and occasional nerd. And I'm getting married. I talk about that, too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brouhaha! And I was there!

I may have mentioned that my plans last Thursday night involved the coolest book party EVER. Well, just to make it that much cooler, there's exciting Gawker-covered fallout. How neat is that?

Monday, February 27, 2006


Somewhere under there is my bed. I should probably find it before bedtime.

So don't have anything interesting to write about...

... except that I am unhappy with the state of my desk at work, and I really have to clean my room in my apartment. I was nearly suffocated by a dust bunny this morning. Every once in a while I get these impulses to clean up and throw out stuff, except that I'm a pack rat, and the very act of getting rid of things makes me very very uncomfortable. It always happens -- the moment I get rid of something, I find that I need it. Still... it needs to be done. Need to find spots to put books away, wash the Irish linen runner on top of my dresser, dust all the little knickknacks scattered on shelves around my walls, sweep up, and shake out the throw rug.

And see how I manage to blather on about nothing in particular, thus avoiding actually doing anything about the piles of work on my desk? Yeah, I gots mad skillz.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A girly look at figure skating

So, several days after the fact, I finally sat down and watched the women's figure skating finals. I'd tried, really and truly tried, not to know the results ahead of time. I had plans Thursday night, and was sitting in a bar having dinner, and had even managed NOT to be sitting in line of sight of the several TVs that had the Olympics on. So what does ESPN do? Yeah, post the results. Before NBC had even finished airing them, mind you. Whatever, I say. Just knowing the conclusion doens't matter. I still don't know what happened.

So, Friday morning, I walk to the subway, dodging the folks who stand at the entrance to the station, handing out free newspapers. I see skaters on the front pages, and fiercely look away. Looking down, other folks' papers litter the ground, and I look back up, trying to remain spoiler-free.

I'm not going to work, but rather to Nerd Prom, as it were. Or Junior Prom. On the bus crosstown to the convention center, my poor excuse for a limo, even with my headphones in and music playing, I can still hear the guy sitting next to me, louding recapping the figure skating finals to his friend on the phone. I turn my music up, to no avail. Bugger.

ComicCon was, well, useful, I suppose. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with people from Marvel, DC, Del Rey Manga, Tokyopop, and licensing folks from Pocket Books and HarperCollins. Grabbed a couple of freebies, but nothing really cool. Probably spent more money than I should have on the one thing I did buy, but it was the one thing I was hoping to buy, so I can't exactly consider it an impulse purchase. And it will be appreciated, certainly. Spoke to a couple of authors, and handed out my card. Went to a panel discussion on copyright, and defamation, and libel, and fair use, and was mostly reassured that my intent to frame "HtDaS" around my playing of City of Heroes shouldn't be in violation of anyone's rights. As long as I'm careful about what I write about. And yes, as long as I change some names.

Last night, we had the guys over in the apartment for geekfest, and in celebration of the roomie's birthday, our GM killed him. But then gave us an opportunity to bring him back to life, so you can't say he's not a giver. Went out for a drink afterwards, then came home and went to sleep.

Today, as I said, I FINALLY watched the figure skating finals. And I gotta say, DVR is definitely the way to watch. Oh NBC, you want to show me a rosy-hued portrait of a skater? Yeah, I don't care. Fast forward. Want to try to distract me with albeit neat aerial skiing? No way. Zip, zip, zip.

Now (and if you haven't watched the figure skating finals, feel free to look away), I have to say I'm not seeing Sasha Cohen's silver medal as a huge disappointment. I mean, how can you not be happy for Japan's Arakawa, who not only won her country's first medal in these games, but Japan's first Olympic Gold in figureskating EVER? I mena, that's just awesome! I didn't love her costumes, certainly, but she skated beautifully, and deserved to win. And I don't see how we can turn a silver medal into a consolation prize. Cohen fell down twice, and still medaled. That's awesome. And the US had three skaters in the top 7. Though I have to admit I don't care one way or another about Slutskaya, aside from teeheeing about her unfortunate name. And NBC's commentators' whole "It'll be a bittersweet reunion with her mother back in Moscow," was just stupid. Hello?! It's an OLYMPIC medal! At 27! Years past when most skaters retire.

The performance I loved though, and I'm going to kick myself for not remembering her name, was the first Italian who skated. Monica something-or-other, I think. She was like 20-somethingth coming into the long program, barely making the cut, but she was just so goddamn happy to be there, and so very pleased with her performance, even if it was scored 40 points below the leaders, that yes, I will admit it, I got a little teary-eyed. Representing her country on home ice... that's the spirit of the Olympics right there, folks.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the big gala exhibition, to see everyone come out and just skate for fun.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Don't Have Time Exactly Now...

... but I want to remember to read this later when I have the chance. You Firefly fans may want to take a gander, too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It vexes me

So, ok, I had other stuff to do last night, so I missed the women's short program in figure skating. No worries, I think, I'm sure I can find them on the web somewhere. Hey, look, NBC is even good enough to have clips listed on their website. "Watch Cohen's Short Program," "Watch Hughes' Short Program." Super. Delightful.

What do I get if I click? The same goddamned Volkswagon commercial over and over again, and no skating. None!

And can iFilm help me out? No, they cannot. Argh!! What's a girl to do?

Already Wednesday?

Man, where does the week go? Heh.

Much time occupied at work with putting together a list of titles we plan on talking about with our subagents, making sure it's all pretty, getting pictures of the covers off Amazon, and then redoing it like three or four different times depending on who I'm sending it to. The Japanese subagents get it without one author, each of our two different Russian subagents get a different version, and then I do a text only version for the folks with slow connections. So, basically, yeah, a lot of work.

But it makes me think about reading, and some of the books and stuff that I've either read recently, or have on a pile to do so soon. Right now, I'm reading
Inexcusable by Chris Lynch, which is a YA novel about date rape from the point of view of the guy. I also just got issues 7-12 of the Astonishing X-Men from my friend Matt, because I am, in fact, a Joss Whedon whore. I still have Wicked and Son of A Witch by Gregory Maguire on my to-be-read pile, as well as the new novel by one of my YA authors, and a couple of submissions which I think show real promise. (Man, do I feel sleazy saying that! Try to imagine it without the sleaze, please.) And that still doesn't even begin to get into the other piles and piles of books on my shelves at home and here at work that I want to read. I need another one of those vacation things, please!

But I'm trying to be sensible about money and stuff (how's that for a weird segway?). I'm not proud, but I have a bit o' credit card debt, and I'm working through that. I've decided, though it can be said it's in my credit card company's best interests, to consolidate my debts, so that instead of making two sizable payments to different companies each month, I'm only making one big one, and hopefully, the balance will go down faster. Though I also intend to pay it off completely when my ship comes in, and I sell my book "HtDaS" for the buckets of money I'm sure it's worth. For I am nothing if not an optimistic fool. I think sometimes about what I'll do when I don't have that debt thing hanging over my head, and it's a bright and shiny future. Travel, definitely. Enjoy time with friends more, because I won't have to worry about being frugal with the cash I have left to spend after bill payments. I don't think I'll need to go crazy shopping, but it will be nice to be able to pick up stuff when I want it, and not pinch pennies.

What would you do with a windfall?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happily, a short week

Much fun last night doing the Monday Munchies, and getting the exciting "Toothbreaker" badge for my gal Ginger.Snap. She's such a blast to play, partly, I think, because she is so the very opposite of Noelle. And, you know, because she's a horny little devil.

Anyway, apparently Gene doesn't have the Baked Ziti episodes listed on his site yet, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. They do! You can hear me here, contributing to a discussion on that rat bastard James Frey that later allowed me to expound on my "floating on top of the pretty pool" theory, and here, talking about other stuff. Or just laughing at what other people are saying. I'm not a professional, by any stretch of the imagination. Which you can clearly hear.

What else? Ummm... nuthin'. Just working. Got some reading to do before my writers group tonight. Got a bunch of stuff going on this week and next, which is nice, since it makes the days go by faster.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm a radio star!

Ok, well, probably not. Not yet, at least. But yesterday, the Keelster and I went to his friend Gene and Kate's apartment in Battery Park City (in the apartment complex where my sisters used to live), to tape a couple of episodes of Gene's Baked Ziti Radio Hour. Silly, big fun. Gene still has to do some editing, to get our assorted ramblings into a shorter form... because each episode of the "Baked Ziti Radio Hour" is only 30 minutes long. Yeah, that's what I said. Anyway, it will be online soon, and I will let you all know when! In the meantime, feel free to see what else Gene likes to talk about.

After our recording session, the group of us went for a drink, where MJ and I spent quite a while deconstructing recent internet discoveries, and how they had their roots in previous interactions. How's that for obscure?

We then came back to the apartment for a few more presents. And, to top off the night, a little dance break. This actually happens a lot in my apartment. Really.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

This is the kind of day I've had...

Sleep in.

Get happy little wake up call.

Go back to sleep.



Wake up, putter around apartment.

Go out into the bitter February cold to pick up various birthday and engagement gifts. Find new location for photo shop where I can get prints of the many various pictures I take. Get a cool panoramic print of this shot.

Come home, warm up with tea and cookies.

Watch Veronica Mars.

Then another episode.

Ok, one more.

Eat dinner, get changed for Timothy and Jen's party.

Brave the frigid crosstown winds.

Party. Hardy.

Come home.

More tea, more VM.

All in all, a good day. What did you do?

Friday, February 17, 2006

What to wear?

So, tonight is the big birthday shindig, and I haven't a clue what I want to wear. I wore my favorite black halter top last year for the party at Trinity (and on New Year's, and for 12th Night), so even though I love that lots, I clearly can't wear it again. I was thinking of some of my other fun tops, and I think I'm going to try a little t-shirt surgery to make something new and cute out of something else. I found this website which gives some patterns and hints, so I think I'll give that a go. Maybe try some combination of the 50s style halter top and the slashed back. I don't know. I'm just thinking out loud.

But I have to look good, since I want to try taking some video footage of the par-tay, and doing the iFilm thing that Yi Shun showed me how to do. Because it's just too cool.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blog by Blackberry!

For some reason unknown to me, the panel hosted tonight by the Women's National Book Association is being held in the library for the General Society Of Mechanics and Tradesmen. This entertains me. Then again, I may just be getting high off the sharpie fumes from my nametag. Either way...

Realized on my way down here tonight, through streets that are practically steaming as the snow all melts away, that we've got a long weekend coming up. And that means sleeping in for three days in a row - likely to be necessary after the big birthday shindig tomorrow night. Something to look forward to. To which to look forward. You know.

Maybe I'll even get some work done on "HtDaS."

Want to sleep

Feeling slightly better today, after a hella long sleep last night, but still, if I could... I would put my head down on my desk right now and take a nap. I mean, I'm seriously considering it. My door is already closed from lunch. No one would need to know. And I'd probably wake up before too much time had passed. Or when I got a phone call or something.


In other news, going to a panel discussion tonight on publishing books for tweens, and then looking forward to going home and getting into some of V-Day content on CoX. And I still have some more presents to buy...

... so sleepy...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not my day anymore...

...And to prove it, I woke up this morning with a bit of a cold. Drippy nose, scratchy throat, and all I want to do is wrap myself in warm blankets, watch something on tv that doesn't require me to think, and go to bed early. I need to rest up for the big group birthday shindig on Friday, for which we've finally (and by "we" I mean "me") picked a place.

Still have another meeting to get through first though, and a memorial service that I didn't know about this morning, or I wouldn't have put on a cornflower blue sweater set.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Still all about me...

It's been a long, really great day all about me, and though I'm bound for bed momentarily, I had to share a bit about the fun that was my day.
  • Girl roomie woke me up that she couldn't get out of the apartment to go to work. Screwed the doorknob back in, called contractor to send a guy over. Was told he was blocks away and would be there soon.
  • Got wonderful birthday greetings from my brother and my neice, Doyce, Stan, Yi Shun, one of my sisters, my mom, and another sister.
  • Called the contractor again to find out when the guy would be here, so I could shower and get ready for my day of fun.
  • Elena came over and gave me presents, including a tiara which I immediately put on and wore the entire rest of the day, and the special editon of Dirty Dancing, because no one, and I mean NO ONE, puts Baby in a corner.
  • Guys finally came over to fix the doorknob about three hours after initial call. Am now able to open, close, lock, and unlock front door without fuss.
  • Dressed in holiday-appropriate colors, and went with Elena for manicures and pedicures, where we were treated as the pretty, pretty princesses we are, and each had two people doing our nails. Happy pampering.
  • Went to favorite bagel shop for lunch. My tiara was much remarked upon. Elena almost picked up the guy who sat at our table after we got up, for she is smoooth with the bantering.
  • Walked over to the Met, and visited some of our favorite exhibits, taking occasionally amusing photos of ourselves in front of the art. Got cultured. Left.
  • Walked across Central Park. Purty. Took more pictures.
  • Subwayed down to the West Village, got a little lost in the warren of streets, and found our way to the Hudson before locating the famed Magnolia Bakery and buying ourselves some cupcakes.
  • Ate cupcakes. Went into sugar shock.
  • Found the almost impossible to locate unless you know where it is bar Chumley's, a former speakeasy. Had a couple of their home brews, and ran into two people I knew, both of whom loved my tiara.
  • Headed back uptown, and went to dinner at Brother Jimmy's. Reminisced about previous birthday celebrations held at their various locales. On this evening, however, no swamp waters were consumed, and certainly not seven of them.
  • Came home, made tea, ate cupcake, and watched "Gilmore Girls" and "The Daily Show." Read blogs. Caught up with friends and roomies. Enjoyed a happy wind-down to a really good day.

And, because I'm feeling generous, and I really happen to like this photo -- one of the many I took today, this one next to the Hudson River. Note the tiara.

Hope your days were as much fun as mine.

A Day That's All About Me

Some people will (or have) used their blogs today to rant about the commericialism or anti-single-people-ness of Valentine's Day, but I... I will instead revel in birthday wishes. Yup. It's that exciting time of year where stores, nationwide, decorate for and celebrate MY birthday. Isn't that good of them? Restaurants serve special meals for you to savor with your sweetie, just so you can think of me, and my sweetness. Cards in envelopes of pink, red, and white are passed from loved one to loved one, because, well, let's face it -- not everyone has my address. Chocolate and flowers are exchanged. Presents are given. People everywhere try to get in on a little of my birthday celebrations, and really, who can blame them?

Not I.

And I'm generous about it. For those of you who didn't realize you were celebrating my special day (and I'll admit there may be a select few of you who didn't get the memo), to steal a line from Alisha, I'll just say
May you all be smooched on or sexy-glanced at or deliciously self-indulgent.
Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Almost couldn't make it out of the apartment this morning, due to a wacky doorknob, then trudged to work in the aftermath of a record-breaking snowfall (over 26 inches, apparently!), discovering in the process that my sweet new snow boots don't afford all that much protection when I step into a slushy puddle. But all those problems were forgotten when I got the VERY exciting news that a short story I helped write was selected for an anthology. Yay!!! More details soon.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow day!


And it's still coming down, which is fun. It's piled up at least a foot deep in places, more when the snow plow pushes it around. Beautiful. And cosy to sit and watch from the warmth and safety of the apartment.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

New York-y things

So the show last night was very funny. Very. It's been a while since I saw the Steve Martin/Michael Caine movie it was based on, so it didn't entirely feel telegraphed, though I'm sure I knew the twist before a lot of the out-of-towners in the audience. Jonathan Pryce had the Caine role, of the older gentleman con artist (which John Lithgow originated on Broadway), and was very good -- no traces of the last time I saw him in a musical, when I think he played Fagan in a West End production of "Oliver" -- which must have been over 10 years ago. But Norbert Leo Buts (what an unfortunate name!), who had the Steve Martin role, was really just about the funniest thing. It's a broad, broad role, very physical, and he sold every moment of it. His scene as Ruprecht, the crazy, locked-away-in-the-wine-cellar brother of Pryce's "prince", was guffaw-worthy. Seriously. (No, funnily. Or whatever.) I probably would have liked a few more big group song-and-dance numbers, but that's just what I like. It was written by the same composer/lyricist who did the stage verison of "The Full Monty," and I felt a few of the songs sounded somewhat similar, but not necessarily in a bad way. So, if you're in New York, consider this a recommendation!

Then, after dropping Mom off at Grand Central last night for a train home, I met her again this morning (almost exactly 12 hours later), and along with two of my sisters, we went on a tour of the terminal. Our tour guide was a little too verbose for our tastes -- we would have liked more touring, less talking -- but after the official tour, the four of us did a little wandering of our own, and found some neat little nooks and crannies, and I got a few good shots. Like so.
This was looking out a window in a tiny little door, like something out of "Being John Malkovich." The skylights you can see, like stout little glass pyramids, are these from above. The arched windows off to the side in the first picture look down on the main room, like so (only on a different wall).
Very cool, I tell you. And then, after lunch at Two Boots, we went over to Zaro's where they had pink-and-white cookies, as well as the usual black-and-whites, in honor of my birthday! Or Valentine's Day. Whichever one you choose to celebrate.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I am a seat-filler

My sister just called and asked me if I had any plans tonight (I don't, except I was going to watch the series finale of "Arrested Development," but that's what DVR is for!), and is giving me an extra ticket she has to see "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" on Broadway. Plus dinner with her, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's parents, and our mom. Should be a fun night, and better than sitting at home on the couch again, curled up around the remote and a dish of ice cream. Not that I've done that recently, of course. Nope.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bad night.

Then it got better. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Help me be a better geek

Given the morass of lies and confusion engendered by the previous post, I thought I better get something else up here before all my blogging credibility is lost. Though I suppose I should be grateful she didn't mention my stack of-

Anyway, moving on!

So, I'm going to the New York Comic-Con in a few weeks, and I thought I would ask my faithful readers and other interested passers-by if anything on their site, or any promised vendors, special guests, artists, or such looked particularly interesting. As comic book readers, is there anyone there that you'd say "Yes! He's an amazing writer of comics! If only he'd write a novel!"?

Thanks for your help. And please ignore the previous post, which is full of lies.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Guest blogger!!

Hi. I'm not Kate. I'm Maureen. I'll be your ktbuffy for this evening. I thought you'd like to know what it's like here on the set. I'm going to give you a blow-by-blow description of the experience.

First of all, let me point you to MY blog, which is over on the right, under MJ. Feel free to go there now and have a look. I will wait.

(Oooh, can I blog too? Keeley here! Blog blog blog blog! I'm doing it!!!)

I'm sorry about that. This is MJ again. Did you read my blog? Good. Pay no attention to that above. Keeley barged in and knocked me off the chair. He is a swine.

But no matter. I'm here to tell you about the backstage life of KTBUFFY.

Ok. Right as I sat down, Kate ripped off her shirt. I'm not kidding. She really did. She was all like, "I AM SO HOT IN THIS VELVET TURTLENECK." And she whipped it off. My back was turned, because I was writing this.

About the KTBUFFY studio . . . it's extremely organized. Some examples:

-journals for every day in the last 15 years or something, with labelmaker labels on the sides

-equally organized photo albums, with labelmaker captions

-lots of pillow arrangements. it's like a cruise ship in here with that.

-shoes in the shoeboxes

-multiple address books, all, like coded or something

-the most frighteningly perfect and also ATTRACTIVE file cabinet you will ever see. Only Kate could make a file cabinet look feminine and bedroom-worthy

-lots of linen things draped over things

That is the overview. Mostly, I think she sits here, at this notebook, which isn't as cool as mine, which is a G4 laptop. This one is ok.

(I'm back! Blogging up a storm! Bloggity blog blog!!! Hey, quit hitting me Maureen! You're interrupting my stream of blogciousness! =( Now I have nothing to blog!)

That is all for now. We hope you have enjoyed having us.

Still at home

And still in my pjs, waiting on the contractor who's supposed to come by today and look at the flood damage in our bathroom. Though I really don't mind having the lazy start to the day that this is -- slept in for an extra hour, really, puncuated every nive minutes by my stumbling across the room to snooze the alarm and crawl back into bed again. Good stuff. Think I'll go grab some cereal and settle in for my "work at home" morning.

Any week I don't work a full five days is a good one.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Have I mentioned my drug problem?

So, I'm less than an hour away from an always-terrifying visit to my dentist. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, and the hygenist is lovely, but I was tortured as a child by an evil, sadistic wretch of a dentist, and his Eva Braun of an assistant, so it is with great trepidation that I prepare for a visit, even now, when I've switched dentists. The greatest perk of my new dentist, bar none, came when he offered, several years ago, to give me nitrous oxide during a routine cleaning. That's right, ladies and germs, laughing gas. The good stuff. I've never looked back since.

I get in that chair, no matter what the procedure, and I tense up. I've tried taking Advil beforehand, even my smuggled British drug of choice which contains over-the-counter codeine, and once I think I took a friend's Valium. But it's the gas, and loud music playing on my iPod (or generic mp3 player, back when that was what I had), that gets me through.

Sweet, sweet gas, which I breathe in with my eyes squeezed tightly closed so as not to see the reflection of the work being done on my mouth in the glass of the light above. With the music, it ends up being a little party in my head -- a dance party, with the sound of the drill or the brush thing fading to an odd techno beat behind the swing or Irish rock pumping into my ears.

Anyway, that's where I'll be soon. High.

Funny papers

Saw this yesterday and had to laugh. In other/similar news, got no work done on "HtDaS."

Sunday, February 05, 2006

There's nothing so bad...

... that watching a bunch of adorable kittens and puppies playing with each other can't make you feel better. Gotta love Animal Planet.

Gross with a side of ick.

Went up to my mom's this morning for lunch and to spend time with the family (which is neither the "gross" nor the "ick" referred to above), and came back to the apartment to find a bathroom flooded by the disgusting upstairs neighbor (yeah, that's it). Perhaps you recall my previous mentions of Crazy Dog Lady and Stumbly the Wonder Drunk? Both, in fact, the same person, and our upstairs neighbor. Ain't we just the lucky ones?

Called and left messages for both the super and the landlord, and went up to talk to her, which was also gross and ick. Please, lady, put on pants, will ya?

*shudder* (and not in a good way)

Friday, February 03, 2006

New toys!

New phone, new phone, new phone! Yay for fun new things to play with!

And, I just can't help but wonder who my horoscope could be referring to today:
The consequences of speaking your mind with blunt honesty haven't ever deterred you from telling the truth. So when someone from the past arrives and expects you to be nice, they'll be in for quite the surprise -- especially if the relationship ended because of something disreputable they deliberately did to you. Needless to say, keeping quiet, no matter what the consequences, may be even more difficult for you now. Don't even try. Let 'em have it!
Oh, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, who? Who?!?!?


Things you can do in NYC

Man, some days I just love living here! And technology. I love that too.

Last night, after work, I met a friend for drinks in a converted beauty shop/bar, paid $10 for a manicure and got a free drink, went shoe shopping after 8pm, sent pictures of the shoes I was thinking of buying to a friend for advice and opinions, went home, ate delicious leftovers from a dinner my roomie made, did the dishes, played CoH, read part of a comic book, and went to bed happy.

Now, granted, most of that I could do just as easily NOT in NYC as in it, but I really meant to stress the manicure/beer combination. I mean, I don't usually get just a manicure for $10, never mind a free drink, too! And when I left the bar, and thought maybe the shoe store was still open, and I could pop in, it was!! And I saw a beautiful pair of black heels with magenta satin riboons that wrapped around my ankles, that pretty much just screamed "Swexy!", but I managed to be frugal and resist them, though they yearned for me to take them home. I happily settled for a pair of black patent leather Anne Klein slingbacks.

And now, having completely lost MOST of the readers of my blog with that long digression about shoes...

Yeah, I got nothing else. It's a rainy Friday, and I'm looking forward to heading home tonight, curling up on my wee little couch, and vegging in front of the tv. May swing past the phone store on my way home, see about a new phone. Truly exciting stuff from the world of ktbuffy.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

This n' That

Went last night with the roomie and our friend Jay to a reading at an Irish pub of Max Barry's new book Company, which I highly recommend for any corporate cogs, or folks who like reading and laughing about corporate cogs. Plus, it's about donuts. Everyone likes donuts.

They're no cupcakes, certainly, but they are yummy and delicious. There's a Krispy Kreme around the corner from my apartment, and though the mixing scents from there, the McDonald's, and the Indian restaurant on the same block often combine in a particular scent I've labeled "glazed chicken McCurry... with fries," I still love 'em hot out of the oven, so soft they just squish between your fingers.

Ok, now I'm hungry for sweets.

Supposed to go out tonight with an agent I met through a mutual friend who's very funny and a blast to hang out with -- we bonded over bad Russian pop music and lecherous Italians in Frankfurt, though as I haven't heard from her yet today there's some chance we might reschedule. Which would be fine by me. Tonight's Knight Night in CoH, and I should make an appearance. I will anyway, but it'd be nice to get there sooner, rather than later. A girl needs her beauty sleep, after all.

Ok, back to work!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sweet, sweet shoe shopping

So, the good people at DSW know me very well. First, they email me to remind me that this week, New York is offering tax free shopping on shoes (and clothing, but whatever. This is about the shoes!) under a certain price. Then, as if that wasn't enough, they send me another email this morning that every dollar I spend on shoes this month is worth two "membership points", instead of the usual one for one ratio, because it's my birthday month.

And suddenly, visions of black heels and brown boots dance in my head.

Yummy. Want.