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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Books for Soldiers

Just heard of a great web campaign, and wanted to spread the joy. Go to www.booksforsoldiers.com and learn how you can send that used copy of "War and Peace" to a soldier on active duty.

Friday, June 04, 2004


Heading down to the shore this afternoon, with rain forecast for tomorrow and plans back in the city on Sunday afternoon, so it won't exactly be a "beach" weekend, per se. Still, just to get out of the city and relax... it's a good thing.

Stacey's wedding last weekend was a giant blast! I think everyone had a wonderful time, and Stacey, of course, looked radiant. And now she's back across the pond -- wah!

Oh, and Maureen's book is officially published! Which ties in with my plans for Sunday -- she's doing a signing & panel discussion with other authors at the Barnes & Noble on the Upper East Side, including Tamora Pierce and Melissa Kantor. It's at 5pm, if you want to stop by and aren't too busy watching the adventures of a certain young wizard .

And that's all the latest and greatest. The new Reluctant Divas column should be up in a week or so, if you want to check it out. Or you could just go back and read the column for May, which links to a donation site to the Breast Cancer Reseach Foundation , if anyone wants to support the Divas in our upcoming triathlon. Don't make me beg, ok?