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Friday, January 25, 2008

End of an Era

Your game account for City of Villains has expired due to payment failure or cancellation.
Still, we'll always have Paragon City.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

So much to do!

Feeling a little overwhelmed here, folks, with the shear amount of work I need to do in the next few weeks. Actual Work work aside, there's still the seemingly endless task of packing. How it is even remotely possibly that I need more boxes? How can I have filled what I have already, and where the heck am I going to put all these boxes while I'm still living in this apartment?


Too much to do and not enough time to do it. At this point, I'm resigning myself to a certain high percentage of items broken in the move -- as long as it doesn't cost more to replace them then it does to move them, I should be fine. I hope.

I think I would feel more energetic about the whole thing if I had some help. Luckily, mom and my sister B are driving in on Sunday to pick me up, and I think I've managed to finagle it so that they'll bring me more boxes, help me pack some of them up, and THEN we'll head back up to Westchester. I think.

Ok. Back to work!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Secret Ten List: Love Boat Edition

Rob S., who got this whole thing started for me, asks:
All the even numbers are guest-stars on the Love Boat. Who hooks up? Who breaks up? Who has gets involved with the antics of the crew?
Man, this is a good one! So who's coming abroad for adventure, their mind on a new romance? Quite the motley crew: #2 Starbuck and #8 Alanna seem to have settled their problems after the dance off, and we all know what trouble Kara can get into on a cruise ship, so I've got her pegged for some serious hooking up. Very possibly with a politician. Alanna takes a while to get her sea legs, but I think she uses her time to realize that being a soldier doesn't mean losing her femininity, and shares a special, almost fatherly dance with Captain Stubing.

Now, #4 Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are sailing to Acapulco on a vacation, soon I'm sure to be interrupted by some worldwide crisis, so let's give them the benefit of the doubt and a nice cabin with an ocean view, and let them do some hooking up with each other.

#6 is a crafty one, she is. One minute she's sitting with her fellow octogenarians, and the next thing you know, she's bashing Doc over the head with her broomstick. I tell ya, Granny Weatherwax doesn't brook with that "medicine" stuff.

So that leaves #10. He just spends most of the cruise enjoying the buffet, staying up late, and playing race car video games in the onboard entertainment center.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brain fart

Like you, no doubt, I do a lot of my blog reading on Google Reader. All hail Google! So I catch up with my friends, with design blogs, with the entertainment news, and with wedding planning stuff all in the same place.

So my little head, slightly overwhelmed with the amount of information percolating around in it right now, decided to combine two posts -- one on Weddingbee about cake toppers, and another from a friends about epic mounts in World of Warcraft. Doyce, don't get any ideas, but yes, I totally just pictured a three-tiered wedding cake topped with a lizard and a cat wearing saddles.


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Who decided Christmas was disposable?

I mean, Christmas trees I understand. Most of them are cut when you buy them, so they have a limited shelf life and must be disposed of eventually. But tree stands? And lights? People, if you're too lazy to walk around your tree a few times and unwrap the strand of lights you hung up there a few weeks ago, you've got a problem. And it's not just that you're wasting money.



Thursday, January 03, 2008

100 Days

We interrupt the reveal of my Secret Ten to bring you this countdown update:

Thank you. As you were.


Secret Ten: Trapped!

***Dave asks:
If #4 and #7 are trapped in a building taken over by terrorists, who gets out alive?
Well, now, that depends on your kind of terrorists. If they were akin to the folks who routinely show up on network tv shows, ie, your generic European or Middle Eastern terrorists, then I think #4, Wonder Woman, would not only get out alive, but she'd lasso the head bad guy, learn all his secrets, and then turn him and all his cohorts over to her boyfriend, Steve Trevor.

However!! If by some small chance the terrorists were truly old school, and by that I mean ancient minions of terror, say, perhaps, an undying Witch King with a geas that no man can kill him, well then #7, Eowyn's the champ. As long as there are a few Houses of Healing nearby. Hotties like Faramir (one of my minions of the Power of Optimism) are optional.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Secret Ten: This is an easy one!!

De asks:
Which character is the pickiest about shoes?
There is only one possible answer.Whose famous feet are those? The one and only Carrie Bradshaw. Do NOT get between her and a sale at Manolo Blahnik. In a scene from an episode of "Sex and the City" I rather envy, she registered for shoes. REGISTERED. FOR. SHOES.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to update our registry list.

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Secret Ten, Question #1

Woot! Doyce has taken up my challenge. He asks:
If #2 and #8 on your list have a dance-off, who wins?
Wow. These are two women not known for dance-offs. On the one hand, you have the terror of the Colonial Fleet -- is she a Cylon, or is she not? -- Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck.

On the other hand, yet another warrior, Alanna, from the eponymous series of YA adventure books by Tamora Pierce. For those of you not in the know, Alanna disguises herself as a boy in order to train to be a knight. Many adventures ensure -- four books worth in the first series, although I think she reappears in some of Pierce's other titles.

Now both of these women know from fighting, and in a space battle or jousting arena, my answer would be clear. In a dance-off, however? I think the edge goes to Starbuck, who's proved she's got some fancy footwork as a boxer. Alanna may try to take advantage of Starbuck's bad knee, but in the end, Starbuck will just show up in that cool dress from the Vice-Presidential election episode, and Alanna will crumble. And if she doesn't, I think Starbuck might shoot her. So there.

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Secret Fun List

I don't know how often my devoted readers check out by blogroll over there on the sidebar, but one link I highly recommend for my geeky, nerdfighter-tastic friends Is Laughing at the Pieces, where Rob is well on his way revealing his secret list. Huh, you ask? I quote:
I'm gonna make a list of 10 characters, it is a secret list. If you want, comment to this post with a question like, "2 and 8 have a dance off, who wins?" and then I answer them in a seperate post and it is the most fun meme ever. And you can ask as many questions as you like.
I am so ON for the most fun meme EVER. So, ask away! Make your own lists. Let's get this meme all around tha interwebs!!

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Start

All sorts of new things going on! There's the wedding, of course, which is a big new thing that's going to happen, and includes with it the joy of a new husband (not that I had one before), a new roommate (the aforementioned husband, though I shall miss my current roomie dreadfully, particularly when I require someone to be funny on command, or, alternatively, want to sic new horrible movies on), new pets, and a new home with fresh newly painted walls and cabinets (some still in progress, with lots more progress on the whole home improvement kick yet to be made). Also new for the new year -- a new JOB, a new boss (ME!), and a NEW WEBSITE!

Yes, fans of ktbuffy, I'm going to be migrating my bloggy wisdom (such as it is) as it relates to books and agentry to a new and exciting blog, Ask Daphne! There's lots of work yet to do over there, but feel free to poke around and comment. We'll be officially open for business on February 1st, but I'm going to start blogging over there as much as I can in the meantime. If you have any pressing questions about publishing or agentry, send Daphne an email.

In other new news, Doyce and I rang in the New Year last night in a manner most befitting of how we hope to go on in 2008: together, curled up on the couch, watching a geeky movie. In this case, the extended edition of "The Return of the King."

For old times' sake, Oh Viggo! Viggo, Viggo, Viggo!! It's a little trip down memory lane to the very start of my blog. Enjoy.

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