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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Holiday cheerio

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Just sitting here counting down the hours and minutes until the end of the work day, after which we're closed until January 3rd. Hurry up, Mr. 5pm. I got places to go, people to see!

Thanks to the super-human efforts of my sister B, I only have one more family present to buy, and I'm heading off to do that as soon as I leave here. 'Course, it's a rainy, miserable day to have to run any sort of errand, but these things must be borne, right? After all, it's Christmas!!

And I've already received some super holiday cheer, in the form of a nice holiday bonus and yearly raise. And, dedicated readers of my blog will be delighted to learn, this year I finally got the "agents" present. Whoooohoooo!

Of course, in the spirit of irony, this year I liked the assistants present better. Ah well.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Manolo

Because the Manolo says if I link to him, the Manolo link to me. Let's see!

Also, the PTB said go ahead! All clear!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Chrismukkah lunch ravings

I'm realizing that it's been a veritable age since the last time I posted here, and even longer since I dragged anyone to my world on the web, and so I thought today seemed like the kind of day to share some thoughts.

Basically, I had a great meeting and awesome lunch with one of the guys in my all-time favorite band, and we're going to be working together on a children's book. That is, I'll be his agent. Wheee! There are still some details to sort out, mostly involving office-type paperwork, and making sure I get the all-clear signal from the Powers That Be, but I have a very good feeling. I mean, I think this is -- if not a sure thing, as there is no such thing -- at least a very strong possibility. He's got a huge built-in audience and a national platform, and to top it all off, he is honestly one of the sweetest, nicest guys I ever met. Really.

And I'm 99.99% certain that he'll never make the connection between me now -- his agent -- and me then (however many years ago), when I managed to score a guest pass to their concert and *ahem* a date or two with a member of the band, now fortunately a former member of the band, which subject I shall need never ever bring up in my new client's presence.

Really, though, it was a great lunch and a super meeting, and every time I do another one of these talks with an author, I really do have to take a step back sometimes to hear myself talk. 'Cause, you know what? I really do know what I'm talking about. This is my thing now, and I love it.

Speaking of things I love, I got an invitation to attend the Bologna Book Fair in Italy in April, which is like the Frankfurt or London book fairs, but just for children's books, and I can't tell you how much I'd love to go. I have to be sensible about it though -- I'm not sure if it's something that I'll be able to do this year, as I'm putting all my weight behind London for the moment -- but it's definitely something I'd like to attend in the future.

And in other children's book news, Maureen is a Booksense pick, which is awesome. Go buy her book!! And then buy mine, because you should have it already, and really, why don't you?

Now go! And Happy Chrismukkah.