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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Man+Woman=Married Couple (take 1)

I'm being pressured to update this thing (love you, schmoopie!). So what's the latest? Well, it's crazy busy at work, but that's more a product of my having taken a few days off to see Stacey in England than anything else. I'm mostly playing catch-up. But it was worth it! Stacey and Richard got married!! And I helped! Whee!

They had a beautiful, simple, ceremony at the Registry Office in Guildford, where they lived, followed by a champagne lunch in town and a night out in the pubs. So much fun!! Stacey looked beautiful (as evidenced by the lovely picture here), but the best part of it all, really, was how much fun we all had. There was none of the crazy hectic bother of a big, huge wedding. It was just a few friends and the man she married.

Not that there's not something to be said for big and crazy. There is. It's just knowing that something can be done so simply that makes it kinda cool.

Anyway, now I'm back in the States, and back at work. Bitter as usual about the little things that bother me. Work stuff. Apartment stuff. Etc.

But I'm making plans for a date this weekend, and something else next week. 'Cause 2004 is my year, baby! Yeah! Boys love me!


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I got me a date!

Big news! I have a date on Friday! Actually, technically, I had one last week, too, with a guy I met on Salon.com's personals, but the guy on Friday is actually someone that I met in person (at Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's concert last Friday) and he wants to see me again. So, yay! Also, my dress arrived today for Stacey's big wedding-palooza in May, and it looks fabulous on. I think I may only have to have it hemmed. Which doesn't mean I wouldn't love to lose 20 pounds and have to have it taken in as well, but that's not an immediate goal.

Blah! In other news, Kyrra stopped by the office today, and we chatted about the writer's group we're going to set up, to get ourselves motivated and in a supportive atmosphere to keep ourselves writing. More on that as it happens.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Reluctant Diva

(This entry's been removed for purposes of writerly ethics. See, Yi Shun wants me to do a sort of monthly blog on her Divas in the Dirt website -- see below -- and asked to keep my "Reluctant Diva" articles exclusive to that site. So I will. I think the first one will appear around February 3rd. So keep your eyes peeled for my appearance on www.divasinthedirt.com .)