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Friday, August 29, 2008

More reading

This makes me really really keen to reread the Vlad Taltos books I have and make sure to pick up the ones I don't. And in my bountiful free time for pleasure reading, I'm sure I'll get to that... well, somewhere in the next decade, maybe.


Monday, August 25, 2008

The nice thing about a cult...

... Is that even if you leave, you're always welcome to come back. Or maybe that was about "family". Ah well, no matter!

The gist of it is after falling off the Weight Watchers wagon about a year ago, due to wedding planning and moving anxiety, along with financial woes, I went back to a meeting today. I've been reading my friend Rob's continuing adventures in the cult, and I wanted back in! I also didn't want to be that stereotypical female who got married and suddenly felt free to put back on the weight she lost to fit into a wedding gown. That wasn't why I'd done it in the first place. Also, while there's some freedom in being able to wear yoga pants to work now that my office is in the basement, I don't want them to be the only thing that fits!

So -- the details. At my best, I was down 52.2 lbs. I've put about half of that back on. Ultimately, I want to get back down to where I was, plus a little. My goal is to lose 33 lbs. In other words, I want to lose this:So, welcome back to the continuing adventures of ktbuffy in cult-land. Any and all suggestions, helpful hints, commiseration, or recommendations of low-in-points food gratefully received!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's Boooooooooooooooooowl!

So last night was our first official league game in bowling, although I'm told that the first two or so weeks don't really count -- they just help set up your handicap. In which case -- my handicap is about 99, seeing as I averaged 90 points (pins? "a 90"?) a game last night. Which breaks down into one very good game, one sucky game, and one ok game.

Still, much fun was had, and there was much cheering and slapping of hands and shouting of "Thunderrrrrrr!" And now I kinda want new shoes. I mean, it's a sport that revolves around footwear. How cool is that?


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Stud of The Day

I'm having my Olympic moment watching the games -- working at home allows me all sorts of time to catch the events. Anyway, Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch blog is posting a daily Stud of the games -- mostly chosen on account of performance. I'm linking here so as I can remember some of the moments myself:

Friday, 8/8/08 -- Antonio Rossi (flagbearer)
Saturday, 8/9/08 -- Plavins and Samoilovs (beach volleyball)
Sunday, 8/10/08 -- Jason Lezak (swimming)
Monday, 8/11/08 -- I'm going to vote for Aaron Piersal, but we'll see what Popwatch comes up with! Update: And they go with Jonathan Horton (gymnastics), who, considering I hadn't yet watched the rousing finish to the Men's Gymnastics Final when I typed the above, I heartily agree with. Go team USA!
Tuesday, 8/12/08 -- Federica Pellegrini (swimming)
Wednesday, 8/13/08 -- Yang Wei (gymnastics)
Thursday, 8/14/08 -- Nastia Liukin (gymnastics), of course!! USA! USA! USA!

And then I fell a little behind what with traveling and all, but here's the next few links.
Friday, 8/15/08 -- Michael Phelps (swimming, duh)
Saturday, 8/16/08 -- Usian Bolt (track and field)
Sunday, 8/17/08 -- Shelly-Ann Fraser (track and field)
Monday, 8/18/08 -- Yelena Isinbayeva (track and field) Although what was up with that annoying tie-breaker procedure for gymnastics? It made sense in the men's vault final, but much less so in women's high bar. Grumble, grumble.
Tuesday, 8/19/08 -- Yay! Shawn Johnson (gymnastics). Also someone else, too. Go Shawn!!
Wednesday, 8/20/08 -- Walter Dix (track and field)
Thursday, 8/21/08 -- Phil Dalhausser (beach volleyball)
Friday, 8/22/08 -- Bryan Clay (decathlon)
Saturday, 8/23/08 -- Matthew Mitcham (diving)


Sunday, August 10, 2008

A YouTube Scavenger hunt

So Doyce and Kaylee and I went bowling this morning, in order to get ready for league play which starts next week. Yes, I know. But it should be fun, and we'll be out of the house and meeting people. But as I was getting ready this morning, I had a sudden blinding flash of insight -- I must post a YouTube clip to appropriately remember this event.

But I couldn't find what I was looking for!

So -- first person who comments with a video clip link to the scene from Grease 2 when they're all going bowling wins a pony!1

1 - Prize subject to my own definition of "pony".

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