A geeky girl living in the big city, making her way, the only way she knows how... no wait, that's The Dukes of Hazzard. Who am I again? Oh yeah, a pop culture obsessed writer, publishing person, and occasional nerd. And I'm getting married. I talk about that, too.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Last weekend at the Shore.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grr, argh.

Woke up with a headache this morning, and the jackhammers going on outside my office window (13 stories below) are NOT HELPING. Just looking forward to getting through the day and heading down to the beach for the weekend.

Anyway, yesterday I went with my mom and my sister over to Saks to try to find Mom a Mother-of-the-Bride outfit for C's wedding. (Now that I think of it, the headache may be residual effects from that experience.) We had a very helpful personal shopper, and ended up with a beautiful outfit that will be tailored to fit Mom perfectly, but it wasn't what you'd call a fun experience. Mom had several very definite ideas of what she didn't want, and unfortunately, 99% of all outfits that might be appropriate for a November, black-tie event for a woman-of-a-certain-age included those very elements. I'm really glad I insisted on going with her, to help her feel more comfortable in what C insisted on -- we were able to get a really great sweater to go underneath the jacket the saleswoman and C loved, that went with a gorgeous long, olive taffeta skirt with a little tail.

One thing that stood out for me. As Mom posed, unsure in the long skirt and beaded jacket combination, the saleswoman said, "I'm selling this to every Mother-of-the-Bride that comes in." Or words to that effect. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that just get your dander up? I don't WANT something that's the same as every other MOB outfit out there! Now, granted, black tie and winter weddings in the city are much more formal that what Doyce and I are planning, but I have already promised Mom she can wear WHATEVER she wants, whatever she feels comfortable in -- just so we don't have to go through the same sort of thing again.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back in New York again

And catching up with the piles of work on my desk. Luckily, the whole industry shuts down this weekend for the last hurrah of summer, and I'm heading down to the Shore on Thursday evening for a few more days of sun and sand and (hopefully) reading. More later!


Sunday, August 26, 2007


Spent the today surrounded by the great outdoors. First, doing yardwork (I got a blister on my finger!), then lunch and some shopping, then the Butterfly Pavilion with Kaylee!
I did actually manage a few pictures of Kaylee too, but if you can believe it, the butterflies were easier to keep in the frame for a shot than a two-year-old toddler, who thought the point of having three grownups with her was more people to chase after her.
Another butterfleur!

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Purple shoes, purple shoes, purple shoes!!!

Hooray!! I found them! They're loverly.


Friday, August 24, 2007


Finally made it to Denver last night around 2:30 on the morning, after a two-and-a-half hour delay leaving New York. Not for any reason you might imagine (weather), but because of an irate (read: crazy) passenger on the outbound flight from Denver to NYC, who went psycho, started acting up, threw a couple of punches, broke an interior window in the plane, and had to be physically restrained. They diverted the plane to Indianapolis to get him off and handed to the police, took statements, and were back on their way as quickly as possible. It's hard not to be sympathetic to the crew and other passengers in that case, and as always, I had plenty of reading material, so it wasn't as bad as all that. Still, if I'd been smarter and checked the airline status closer to the time I left for the airport, I might not have had as long a wait. At least not in an uncomfortable seat, that is.

I'm putting it behind me. I'm here now, all rested up, and puttering around the house. Laters!


Thursday, August 23, 2007


Still haven't left NY.

On my way to see my bear!

But my flight's delayed waiting on the incoming plane from Denver. Looks like its going to be a late night.

Leaving on a jet plane (again)

Heading out to Denver tonight, for a nice long weekend. Never let it be said that having a long-distance relationship is easy, but it certainly makes the time when we are together extra-special. Even if a lot of that time is just hanging out together, watching movies, checking email, etc. I want to be sure, once we are living together, that we don't lose that sense of "together time." Some of my married friends insist on weekly date nights, which must involve something away from the house/apartment, not just a night in together. I like that idea.

At this point though, I just want to see him! I think this might be the longest we've gone without seeing each other -- a sad state of affairs due to my having to fly to LA for work on a weekend that we'd otherwise have tried to get together. We've arranged the rest of our trips through the beginning of November, keeping our trips to once every two or three weeks, at the maximum. Past that, of course, we get into the holidays, and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to plan those trips now too, to take advantage of frequent flyer miles where we can.

Although, despite the weather feeling like fall in NYC, I don't actually want to think about winter!

Anyway, our plans for the weekend involve going to the movies, playing some games with friends, spending time with Kaylee, and doing a little shopping. I allowed that we probably need more than a long weekend to prime and paint the kitchen/family room area, although I'm considering making a start on the guest room/my home office, if only so that it's ready for the guests we may be having this fall. Also, I'm feeling a yen to be crafty. Denver folks -- know where I can get fabric? Somewhere with a bigger selection that a general crafts store like Michaels. Is there a Joann Fabrics out there?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Perfect color, wrong shoes

The latest update in my search for wedding shoes? I found the perfect COLOR shoes, but not the right style. The first pair I found in Walter Steiger, although the website doesn't seem to have them, and is, in my humble opinion, a suck-ass site. In any case, they were the perfect purple, in suede, but closed-toe pumps, nothing delicate or "evening" about them. Also -- $600. Nope!

Then, this morning, I walked to work a slightly different way in order to pass Naturalizer, and saw these.Totally the wrong style, but so adorable! And the color is perfect.

Sigh. I'm drawing great comfort in the slow increase in purple shoes I'm seeing out there, and in the trend forecasters who tell me purple is one of the "in" colors this season. Now all I need is for someone to make fancy shoes in that "in" color, and I'll be all set!

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What happened to summer, people?

I'm sitting here in knee-high boots and a cashmere sweater, and yet I would have sworn that it was still August. I love fall as much as the next person -- love the nights when I can sleep with the window open feeling a chill on my face while the rest of me is bundled under a pile of blankets, love sweaters and cords, boots and hats and scarves without the giant winter coat to make it bulky.

But this? This is NOT RIGHT. We're still two weeks from Labor Day, people, and I still have another beach weekend on the calendar.

And I've just figured out my summer wardrobe -- don't make me have to find a new fall wardrobe already! Nothing's on sale yet!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Lol cat

My new favorite.



The latest meme to hit my little circle of the blogosphere (via ***Dave, and BD, and Doyce, and everyone else!):

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life:
  1. Literary Agent
  2. Foreign Rights Assistant
  3. Cocktail Waitress
  4. Cabana Girl
Four Places I Have Lived:
  1. Astoria, NY
  2. New York, NY
  3. London, England (Kilburn and Baron's Court)
  4. Newark, Delaware
Four of My Favorite Foods:
  1. Maltesers
  2. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings
  3. ham & cheese on a roll from my favorite deli
  4. crabcakes!
Four Places I'd Rather be Right Now:
  1. With Doyce
  2. Macy's Shoe Department
  3. On a beach
  4. At home
Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
  1. The Princess Bride
  2. Bring It On
  3. White Christmas
  4. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Four TV Shows I Like to Watch:
  1. Eureka
  2. The Daily Show
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Designed to Sell
Four Websites I Visit Daily:
  1. Go Fug Yourself
  2. Weddingbee
  3. Zappos
  4. All my friends' blogs
Four Early Musical Influences:
  1. Broadway musicals -- anything from Lerner & Loewe or Rogers & Hammerstein
  2. Bruce Springsteen
  3. Billy Joel
  4. The Brady Bunch. (Think I'm kidding? Check it out. To this day, this is why I know the words to "Zuckerman's Famous Pig.")
Four Computers I've Owned:
  1. My current Dell lappy
  2. A Sony Vaio

Four places I've been on vacation:
  1. Prague
  2. The Florida Keys
  3. Ireland
  4. The Grand Canyon
Four albums I can't live without (I'll edit this -- call it four albums I like a lot):
  1. Once More With Feeling -- Cast of Buffy
  2. American Idiot -- Green Day
  3. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (either of their self-titled albums)
  4. Classic Sinatra -- Frank Sinatra
Four magazines I read:
  1. Entertainment Weekly
  2. Modern Bride
  3. Publishers Weekly
  4. Glamour (sometimes, on an airplane)
Four cars I've owned:

  1. (yeah, never owned a car.)
Four colors I like (My wedding colors!):
  1. Purple -- a real rich dark purple, not burgundy, not lavendar
  2. Yellow -- soft and buttery, or like lemons
  3. Ivory, aka champagne (also good for the drinking)
  4. Chocolate brown
Four Hollywood stars I want to have a drink with:
  1. Drew Barrymore
  2. Vince Vaughn
  3. Paul Newman
  4. Lindsay Lohan -- if only to slap the drink out of her hand and force her to get a hold of herself.


Minor Wedding Rant

I'm trying to stay away from Bridezilla-dom, I really am, but I broke down in tears this weekend over my sister, and her plans for her wedding. Yes, I know she asked me if it was ok if she got married before us, and I know I said yes. And I still mean that. But I suppose I thought -- assumed, perhaps -- that we would share some of our plans together, especially as it relates to mutual aspects of both our weddings. Fine -- she doesn't have to talk to me about invitations or placecards or food, but forgive me for feeling put out that I've been very loudly and specifically disinvited to join her and my mother on a shopping trip to Saks to look for mother-of-the-bride attire. My sister thinks I'll "let Mom off the hook" and keep her from buying something -- what she means, of course, is that she'd prefer to bully Mom into buying something without me there to express a dissenting opinion if Mom doesn't actually like the thing. Fine -- my sister has the credit card to pay for everything, but if Mom's looking at outfits to wear to both of our weddings, couldn't I be included?

Same with our nieces. She found a dress at Nordstrom's and sent the link to my sister-in-law to look at for her daughter, who'll be in my sister's wedding. Now, granted, my nieces aren't actually walking down the aisle in my wedding, but I'm not going to ask my sister-in-law to buy two similar dresses for two weddings six months apart, so all I asked was to SEE the dress, so I could then send the same link to Doyce's sister, for her daughter, who's going to have the same responsibilities at our wedding that my two nieces are. And my sister acted like I was crazy.

All I'm asking for here is a little consideration of the fact that I WAS getting married before she was, and now I have to deal with her choices as my own. Let's not even talk about the fact that her bridesmaids are wearing the same color dress as mine are. One of my sisters actually has to buy two brown dresses, because C has NO RESPECT for my choices. None.

I have to stop thinking about this before I get teary again.


Weekend Wrap-Up

Sad news, shoe-philes. I took a trip Saturday morning down to a bridal store a couple of miles away from our shore house in New Jersey, to look at the Salon Shoes I liked and to try to get a sense of sizing. Which I did, but unfortunately, I also discovered that the plum color I hoped would be a match for my purple was in fact the wrong shade. Poppycock!!

Still, reading this renewed my hope. And I still have to brave the Herald Square crowd to check out Macy's, where the Monkey Queen said she saw some possibilities for me. And there's always DSW.

Anyway, it was a disappointing weekend. Saturday was a nice beach day, but I think I did something funny to my back on Friday, carrying my weekend bag (or maybe the five books I brought down to read over the weekend), so after a couple of hours sitting on the beach, I had to go home and take a hot shower and some ibuprofen. And Sunday was drizzly and overcast, so I came home early -- at least Doyce and I were able to get some playtime in for the Brightsides, who are up to level 20 and have swanky new business suits.

Anyway, 4 days til Denver.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hooray, hooray, hooray! I may just have found my wedding shoes!

*does a little happy dance*

CapriNow, I haven't actually tried them on or anything sensible like that, but after reading about another bride's purchase on Amazon (I know, Amazon!) of her wedding shoes, I figured I would do a search there as well. I typed in "Purple Evening Shoes" and came up with a whole line by designer Salon Shoes, which has several different styles that come in an assortment of colors, including plum. Amazon didn't have the colors shown, just their names, but I tracked down the company's website and got to see sample swatches. So here's my top three choices.Charlotte
I'm leaning towards Monaco right now, because I love the little buckle. WMonacohat do you think? There's a couple of stores in NYC where I can go and try them on, and then just go back and order them through Amazon. I think that would probably save time, instead of ordering several different styles and sizes and returning the ones I don't like.

It's all very exciting. Piece by piece, my wedding outfit is coming together!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cult update

I haven't been blogging much lately about my progress towards my weight goal, if only because I totally stalled. Since April, when I was down just a hair over 50 pounds, I went back up a few pounds, and got stuck on a long, flat, boring plateau. This week -- hooray! Down 1.2 pounds, back to a total lost of over 45 pounds. Still a while to go, and this is the hard part, I think, where I can pretty easily keep where I am using the methods that have helped in the past, but I really need to step things up a bit to lose the last 15 pounds I want to see vanish before The Big Day. I'm pretty solidly in size 10 bottoms, with a couple of size 8s, but still hitting a size 12 on top, thanks to the bodacious ta-tas. Hoping to hit Ann Taylor this week for their sale though, and see about picking up a dress for my sister's wedding. For my wedding dress, I knew I didn't want strapless, but I'm thinking it might be fun for hers. I have to see how they look on, and if I can get the proper supportive cinches and hoists from my bra lady!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am a pretty, pretty princess!

Mom came in and met me for brunch today, and after some yummy French Toast, we did some browsing at a street fair on Steinway Street, then hit a tiny little store I had no expectations for, but lo and behold, I found a tiara! Well, a hair comb, actually. I'd seen some nice ones at Kleinfeld's when we bought my dress, but they were hundreds of dollars, and that seemed a little crazy to me.

I can't find a link to the exact thing, but it was a little Art Deco-y, totally reasonably priced, and cute, and unique, and I think it will go well with the vintage rhinestone bracelet I've also decided to wear. When we came home, I put my hair up in a version of the style I want to use for the wedding, and I think it looks great. Now I just have to hope my sister (and MOH) can find her veil.


Friday, August 10, 2007

My shirt is back!

Loved my cool red shirt? Get one of your own, but in blue, and with long sleeves! How cool are you?Very cool. Order by August 31st for delivery around the end of September. Check out Glarkware's other cool limited editions.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Giving Up Again -- a sad kind of book review

I hate leaving books unfinished. Hate it. Sometimes, however, I admit to myself that I'm having such a hard time plowing through a book, that it will delay all my other reading (for work and for pleasure), if I don't just give up on it. And so... goodbye, Cross Country. I hardly knew ya.

It's a shame, really, since I love travelogues. At least, I love FUNNY travelogues. Cross Country plodded through retellings of the journeys of Lewis & Clark, while the author's kids slept or read something different in the back seat of their own cross-country journey. I felt the same way. I love Bill Bryson and Tony Hawks, Tim Moore, and even the travel adventures of Susan Orlean, which aren't always funny, but at least are interesting.

I may just need to browse around the bookstore a bit, but in lieu of that -- at least for now -- does anyone have some recommendations of good, funny, travel essays?


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's hard to keep secrets in cyberspace. Everyone knows that. Still, I've been trying my best to keep this blog to personal comments, even when remarking on professional commitments. As much as I can manage it, "ktbuffy" is someone different than the agent persona I am five days a week (and occasionally weekends). This morning, however, an author I know emailed me that my personal blog address was listed on a prominent message board for aspiring writers, and though I may ask that the information be redacted, it's already out there.

All I can do is ask my readers to be aware that information posted here is personal, as much as anything on the internets can be. Yes, it's meant for public consumption, else I would go back to keeping a journal, not a blog. Do know, however, that I'm certainly not going to accept any queries via this site, although I can recognize the draw in lurking, reading, hoping for some information that may be helpful. I'd love to be helpful, but I advise aspiring writers to spend your time reading and researching agents on Publishers Marketplace, Agent Query, and other more established informational sites. Until such time as the agency where I hang my hat has an official internet presence, it ought to go without saying that my opinions on all matters posted here is mine alone, and does not represent the opinions of anyone else in my company or industry.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to posting about my wedding plans and shopping trips!

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Who are you, and what have you done with my suitcase?

Ummm... because it's full. And I'm still sitting here with my pjs on, with some stuff in the bathroom, a suit jacket, and a dress still to fit into the bag. Hmmm, I say. I suppose the fact is I'm more careful and neat about fitting things into my bag on the way out for a trip. On the way home, one just naturally assumes that everything will fit back in with the same ease (notwithstanding any additional purchases -- but I can't think that little munchkin clothes take up THAT much room). Anyway, it's a process. To be fair, my suitcase does expand, and I can always unzip that portion of the bag and have plenty more room.

But that seems like giving in.

Anyway, that's where I am. Sitting in my room, half-packed, still in my pjs, trying to decide on breakfast and my morning's activities. We drove past Rodeo Drive on the way to the party last night, and it was a little further than I thought it would be. That's the way it always seems to be in LA. And what? I thought I'd find a bargain there? Unlikely!!

Unfortunately, it's a little too overcast and not-nice out for my plan B: sit by the pool and read. I mean, I suppose I still could, but I've packed away the swimsuit and sunblock, recognizing they won't be needed.

All in all though? I'm looking forward to getting home. It's been a pretty long trip, and I've been "on" for most of it. Lots of fun was had, but I'll admit I'm looking forward to getting back on my normal schedule. Next year, come hell or high water, I'm bringing a friend! Or a husband. How weird is it to say THAT?


Monday, August 06, 2007

Pool party!

Had a lot of fun last night at the wrap party, which took place around this pool. Luckily, no one fell in.

Also, we enjoyed some teeny tiny beers!!


It's Over!

Well, pretty much. Did my second workshop this morning at 11:30, sat in the sun for a bit and read, listened to a couple of editors talk about their "perfect" book, then ran away and hid again. My two favorite places to hide? My room, and the nearby shopping center.

Now, it's all over but for the partying. There's a bus taking us to a wrap party for the faculty and staff, and I fly home tomorrow afternoon. Depending on how long it takes me to repack all my stuff, I may try to hit Rodeo Drive in the morning, which I'm told is about a mile away on foot. Jenna, remember our first trip to LA? I thought I'd try to hit that bridal shop again, this time with a legitimate reason for going in!

And speaking of that trip, and others I've taken in the meantime, I must say: LA is much nicer on an expense account! I'm not giving up my preference for NYC, but I could get used to the weather and the lifestyle, so long as it's on a gold card.

Which ALSO reminds me, in my absence from the office today, a certain memo was presented to the senior partners. Wish me luck!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Strange as it may seem...

That is the room service menu for dogs.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


If you can name that quote, you are a true child of the seventies. Or just live inside my brain. Or heard what I already told MJ today -- the highlight of my conference so far -- The Fonz kissed me!!!

Yep, Henry Winkler, once and forever Fonz, in his guise as children's author, was here signing copies of his books, and was talking with some of the other faculty. After discoursing on something (I'll admit I came up at the end and missed most of it), he said thanks and goodbye to each of us with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek.


Oh, and I gave my shared keynote speech this morning to much praise and approval. But The Fonz!!

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Yeah, baby!

You scored as Ron Weasley, You often feel like second best and as a result don't have an awful lot of self confidence, but a truer more capable friend would be hard to find.

Ron Weasley


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Ginny Weasley


Hermione Granger


Harry Potter


Remus Lupin


Severus Snape


Lord Voldemort


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with QuizFarm.com


Friday, August 03, 2007

Manuscript reviewing

Just had a difficult, if happily brief, conversation with an author about her YA manuscript. Not that it was so bad - it wasn't. It just didn't stand out. The writing was good, the voice was realistic, the dialogue was fun, but the plot was the same old thing the market has seen several hundred times. There just wasn't anything different or unique about it.

As an agent, it is so very very much easier to send out a form rejection than to sit in front of an author for 30 minutes and tell them you're just not interested in reading their novel.


SCBWI-ing it!

Sitting in an enormous ballroom in front of the famous intellectual heartthrob John Green and next to Lisa Yee, listening to Walter Dean Meyers talk about storytelling. There are over 900 attendees at the conference here, about half of whom are published. That's a good rate, if you consider all the people who want to write a book, who actively seek out more knowledge about the publishing process.

Sure, it's a little overwhelming if I think about all the writers here who'd love me to read their work and take them on, but it's encouraging, too. There's a good chance I can find someone great! Fingers crossed.

Plus, there's a lovely pool, and they gave me tickets for free drinks at the party tomorrow night!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

If I had known...

That all I had to do to get here was get in an elevator and push a button, I would have TOTALLY skipped the five hour flight!

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Landed in LA!

And in a Super Shuttle on the way from the airport to the hotel. Is it weird I keep expecting to recognize one of the houses we pass by from one of my favorite decorating shows, or to see a film crew documenting someone's flip?

Anyway, I'm here!


At the airport

Man, do I wish Frontier flew from New York to LA! Instead, I'm flying Delta from JFK, and the lines are insane. Glad I gave myself the exta hour at the airport I never bother with when I'm flying to Denver!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Heading Out to LaLa Land

Just about packed for my trip out to LA, which will be a work-filled with a healthy dose of fun (and sitting by a pool, reading. But then, that could be work, too!). I think I have everything I need, but I'm sure I'll forget something. Bringing Lappy, though, so I'll have full email and interweb access. And, I imagine, if there's any down time, I can get in a little CoH!

Although, I am told there's a sizable mall across the street from the hotel where the conference is being held, so i may have to do a little shoe shopping. And clothes -- In trying to pack business casual wear, I found myself disregarding a huge portion of my wardrobe of t-shirts, so many of which have slogans, logos, text, or designs I just wouldn't want to wear in front of a prospective client. Current client, sure! Then I pull out my "Ready, Randy? Ready, Joan!" tank. But newcomers don't get to see that right off the bat.

And I think everyone's happier for it.

Anyway, thanks for your help with questions for my workshops. I'll report back afterwards!

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