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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

High Stakes shout out

Oh! And I almost forgot!
The coolest thing.

Babbling Like a Brook

Dear Lord, has it really been 14 days since my last entry? Golly! (Which may be the first time I've ever used that word seriously.)

Well, what have I been doing with my time? Ummmm... well, there was the 15th annual family golf tournament on Monday. Which got me out into the fresh (if cold) October air for a day. And, well, there's geekfest. Where I got shot. Pfft. With an arrow to the throat. RIP Etta.

And, well, there's an exciting new season of television to watch and discuss. Stacey and I are doing trans-Atlantic discussions of Gilmore Girls and Lost, which seems to be the number one new watercooler show, as everyone tries to figure it out. See? Brilliant, I have to say. Tv that makes you think. Take that, you stupid reality shows!!!

And then, of course, there's actually work to be done, especially after a day out of the office on Monday. It's amazing how quickly things pile up. Although, not necessarily today, since our external email server seems to be down. Nothing's coming in, and I'm waiting on several emails about German offers for a book. Grrr.

And it's chilly!! Brrr (to go with the "Grrr" above)

Yeah, I'm totally just babbling. What you gonna do about it, punk?

Friday, October 15, 2004

Kites and such

Today, my Yahoo quickie horoscope reads, Your kite is stuck in the tree. And trying to get it down just isn't worth it.

Ah! That explains it then. My kite is stuck in a tree. Forget for the moment that I don't have a kite, and that kite-eating trees, while plentiful in Peanuts comics, are not indiginous to the canyons of Manhattan.

Oh, you say, but you're not supposed to take these things literally! To which I say, and why not? Where's the fun in assuming loose associations to blatantly literal statements? Poppycock!


And on that amusing note, a comment about my weekend in Nova Scotia, and traveling in general. I find, without being too obvious about it, that I have much better luck in finding men who find me attractive and wonderful and sexy and all sorts of great stuff like that when I'm not in New York. Now, I love the Big Apple. Figure I'll stay here for quite a while more. But I think -- and girls, feel free to agree or disagree heartily -- that the men here are used to, or rather, expect, a certain supermodel standard of physical beauty that is not in the same abundance outside the tri-state area.

There are gorgeous women tripping over each other in every bar and restaurant within the five boroughs, but get outside a little, and you too may find yourself (as Misa and I termed it in song) "floating on top of the pretty pool."

Now, I've got a pretty fair opinion of myself, when I'm not being told differently by family members who shall remain nameless, but to be told by a member of the opposite sex that I had a "great body" -- well, I got warm fuzzies. Mental, as well as physical.

And you know what? I do have a great body! I can do a triathlon with it, or an all-day bike/hike in the Nova Scotian highlands. I can step-dance and swing dance and ice skate. I can hold my little munchkin nieces or nephew, and comfort a friend with a hug. It's a super body. And it's nice to hear when others agree, even when they know nothing about all that other stuff.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Not Quite Spilling the Beans

By all rights this should be a long and detailed posting, all about my trip to Nova Scotia. But... well... I have to write it all down for the Divas site, and I want to stay fresh and creative! Also, to be fair, I did write pages and pages and pages about the weekend in my off-line travel diary.

So for the nitty-gritty details, check out the Divas site in about a month, or, ya know, just find me and tackle me 'til I tell you what happened. Cause that would be just swell. (Does sarcasm come across in blogging?)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Politics, dude

Enjoying a mostly lazy Saturday, watching tv and stuff, but I finally got a chance to read a post my friend Matt wrote, and I wanted to share the link. Check it out. Political, yes, but folks -- it's an election year. Apparently, that's ALL we're supposed to be thinking about.

Friday, October 01, 2004


It's a new month, and, I guess, now officially fall. Sure, the whole vernal equinox thing was a few days ago, but when it's still September I can pretend we're closer to Labor Day than Halloween. Not so much anymore. Now, a girl's thoughts turn to costumes, and jack o' lanterns, and candy corn. Yummmmmm... candy corn.

What else am I looking forward to this month? Ummm (geek alert!)... the Farscape miniseries. (I tried to put a banner up here, but can't figure out the technical aspects!)

And of course, my upcoming trip to Nova Scotia for the Celtic Colours Festival. Plus, I'm going to do some biking and hiking and dancing and drinking, and all sorts of fun! Which reminds me, I should probably make sure my press credentials are all in order... Must call the guy about the thing. How's that for vague?

Yup, by this time next week I'll be up in Canada -- our neighbor to the north. Still a ton of stuff to do before I go, of course -- laundry, shopping, packing -- but with each day that passes I get a little more excited! Sing it with me: "Vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away!"

Oh, which reminds me -- had a great time last time out with the girls at the East Side Joshua Tree, which featured 80s music videos all night on several screens. The drunken we got (on $4 drinks specials, courtesy of Shecky's), the louder we sang to the hits of our impressionable youth. It was all good.