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Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sad news, shoe-philes. I took a trip Saturday morning down to a bridal store a couple of miles away from our shore house in New Jersey, to look at the Salon Shoes I liked and to try to get a sense of sizing. Which I did, but unfortunately, I also discovered that the plum color I hoped would be a match for my purple was in fact the wrong shade. Poppycock!!

Still, reading this renewed my hope. And I still have to brave the Herald Square crowd to check out Macy's, where the Monkey Queen said she saw some possibilities for me. And there's always DSW.

Anyway, it was a disappointing weekend. Saturday was a nice beach day, but I think I did something funny to my back on Friday, carrying my weekend bag (or maybe the five books I brought down to read over the weekend), so after a couple of hours sitting on the beach, I had to go home and take a hot shower and some ibuprofen. And Sunday was drizzly and overcast, so I came home early -- at least Doyce and I were able to get some playtime in for the Brightsides, who are up to level 20 and have swanky new business suits.

Anyway, 4 days til Denver.

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