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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane (again)

Heading out to Denver tonight, for a nice long weekend. Never let it be said that having a long-distance relationship is easy, but it certainly makes the time when we are together extra-special. Even if a lot of that time is just hanging out together, watching movies, checking email, etc. I want to be sure, once we are living together, that we don't lose that sense of "together time." Some of my married friends insist on weekly date nights, which must involve something away from the house/apartment, not just a night in together. I like that idea.

At this point though, I just want to see him! I think this might be the longest we've gone without seeing each other -- a sad state of affairs due to my having to fly to LA for work on a weekend that we'd otherwise have tried to get together. We've arranged the rest of our trips through the beginning of November, keeping our trips to once every two or three weeks, at the maximum. Past that, of course, we get into the holidays, and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to plan those trips now too, to take advantage of frequent flyer miles where we can.

Although, despite the weather feeling like fall in NYC, I don't actually want to think about winter!

Anyway, our plans for the weekend involve going to the movies, playing some games with friends, spending time with Kaylee, and doing a little shopping. I allowed that we probably need more than a long weekend to prime and paint the kitchen/family room area, although I'm considering making a start on the guest room/my home office, if only so that it's ready for the guests we may be having this fall. Also, I'm feeling a yen to be crafty. Denver folks -- know where I can get fabric? Somewhere with a bigger selection that a general crafts store like Michaels. Is there a Joann Fabrics out there?



Anonymous robin said...

Yes, there are many Joanns out here -- depending on where in Denver you'll be, there's a nice one in Westminster (NW Denver), another good-sized one in Littleton (SW Denver). Unfortunately those are the two I frequent, so I'm not sure beyond that.

Enjoy your stay here -- the weather's finally becoming more fall-like, my favorite time of year!

8/23/2007 6:35 PM

Blogger ***Dave said...

Margie echoes the "Yes, there is a JoAnnes out here" thang.

8/23/2007 10:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're willing to go to the Springs for fabric, I cannot recommend the Mill Outlet strongly enough especially if you're looking for utilitarian fabrics and not just clothing. I could spend hours and millions in there, but lucky me, I don't have either. [grinning]

As for the other point, I think some of my best time spent with my husband is just sitting back and catching up, maybe asking each other some questions without being challenging, but just spending time NOT running after kids and a bite to eat and only a minute to catch a kiss. Of course, my situation is a little bizarre, but...

- Meera (I don't know what I'm logged in as, so this is just taking control of the comment.)

8/29/2007 3:31 PM


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