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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Perfect color, wrong shoes

The latest update in my search for wedding shoes? I found the perfect COLOR shoes, but not the right style. The first pair I found in Walter Steiger, although the website doesn't seem to have them, and is, in my humble opinion, a suck-ass site. In any case, they were the perfect purple, in suede, but closed-toe pumps, nothing delicate or "evening" about them. Also -- $600. Nope!

Then, this morning, I walked to work a slightly different way in order to pass Naturalizer, and saw these.Totally the wrong style, but so adorable! And the color is perfect.

Sigh. I'm drawing great comfort in the slow increase in purple shoes I'm seeing out there, and in the trend forecasters who tell me purple is one of the "in" colors this season. Now all I need is for someone to make fancy shoes in that "in" color, and I'll be all set!

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