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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's hard to keep secrets in cyberspace. Everyone knows that. Still, I've been trying my best to keep this blog to personal comments, even when remarking on professional commitments. As much as I can manage it, "ktbuffy" is someone different than the agent persona I am five days a week (and occasionally weekends). This morning, however, an author I know emailed me that my personal blog address was listed on a prominent message board for aspiring writers, and though I may ask that the information be redacted, it's already out there.

All I can do is ask my readers to be aware that information posted here is personal, as much as anything on the internets can be. Yes, it's meant for public consumption, else I would go back to keeping a journal, not a blog. Do know, however, that I'm certainly not going to accept any queries via this site, although I can recognize the draw in lurking, reading, hoping for some information that may be helpful. I'd love to be helpful, but I advise aspiring writers to spend your time reading and researching agents on Publishers Marketplace, Agent Query, and other more established informational sites. Until such time as the agency where I hang my hat has an official internet presence, it ought to go without saying that my opinions on all matters posted here is mine alone, and does not represent the opinions of anyone else in my company or industry.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to posting about my wedding plans and shopping trips!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect, there are any number of working freelance writers on that board, as well as published authors who represent all the large trade houses, including award-winning authors and authors who've gotten five- and six-figure deals. They're not all merely "aspiring"--though we have those, too.

8/08/2007 8:30 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

Granted. A lot of those boards -- SCBWI as well as Verla Kay -- feature published writers. Still, my point stands. If you would go there looking for an agent, I'd want to provide you direction towards real, valid links. Not to here.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Anonymous!

8/08/2007 8:56 PM

Blogger T.S. said...

Yes, down with misplaced queries and hooray for wedding fun!

8/11/2007 4:02 AM


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