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Monday, August 20, 2007

Minor Wedding Rant

I'm trying to stay away from Bridezilla-dom, I really am, but I broke down in tears this weekend over my sister, and her plans for her wedding. Yes, I know she asked me if it was ok if she got married before us, and I know I said yes. And I still mean that. But I suppose I thought -- assumed, perhaps -- that we would share some of our plans together, especially as it relates to mutual aspects of both our weddings. Fine -- she doesn't have to talk to me about invitations or placecards or food, but forgive me for feeling put out that I've been very loudly and specifically disinvited to join her and my mother on a shopping trip to Saks to look for mother-of-the-bride attire. My sister thinks I'll "let Mom off the hook" and keep her from buying something -- what she means, of course, is that she'd prefer to bully Mom into buying something without me there to express a dissenting opinion if Mom doesn't actually like the thing. Fine -- my sister has the credit card to pay for everything, but if Mom's looking at outfits to wear to both of our weddings, couldn't I be included?

Same with our nieces. She found a dress at Nordstrom's and sent the link to my sister-in-law to look at for her daughter, who'll be in my sister's wedding. Now, granted, my nieces aren't actually walking down the aisle in my wedding, but I'm not going to ask my sister-in-law to buy two similar dresses for two weddings six months apart, so all I asked was to SEE the dress, so I could then send the same link to Doyce's sister, for her daughter, who's going to have the same responsibilities at our wedding that my two nieces are. And my sister acted like I was crazy.

All I'm asking for here is a little consideration of the fact that I WAS getting married before she was, and now I have to deal with her choices as my own. Let's not even talk about the fact that her bridesmaids are wearing the same color dress as mine are. One of my sisters actually has to buy two brown dresses, because C has NO RESPECT for my choices. None.

I have to stop thinking about this before I get teary again.



Blogger ***Dave said...

To quote Jar-Jar Binks (the only thing worth quoting him on): "How wude!"

8/20/2007 4:29 PM

Blogger Doyce said...

Lemme at em! Lemme at em! I'll moiderize em. You need some defensterating, and I'm just the defenser to defenseterate ya.*

((In all seriousness... well, I'll send my actual thoughts in an IM. :)

8/20/2007 4:55 PM

Blogger Miss Midwesterly said...

feh. big hugs.

8/20/2007 8:49 PM

Blogger Ali said...

This is why I'm glad I'm an only child. (And if I DID have a sister and she acted like that, trust me, I'd be an only child soon enough!)

8/21/2007 9:02 AM


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