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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Secret Ten: Trapped!

***Dave asks:
If #4 and #7 are trapped in a building taken over by terrorists, who gets out alive?
Well, now, that depends on your kind of terrorists. If they were akin to the folks who routinely show up on network tv shows, ie, your generic European or Middle Eastern terrorists, then I think #4, Wonder Woman, would not only get out alive, but she'd lasso the head bad guy, learn all his secrets, and then turn him and all his cohorts over to her boyfriend, Steve Trevor.

However!! If by some small chance the terrorists were truly old school, and by that I mean ancient minions of terror, say, perhaps, an undying Witch King with a geas that no man can kill him, well then #7, Eowyn's the champ. As long as there are a few Houses of Healing nearby. Hotties like Faramir (one of my minions of the Power of Optimism) are optional.

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