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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Stud of The Day

I'm having my Olympic moment watching the games -- working at home allows me all sorts of time to catch the events. Anyway, Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch blog is posting a daily Stud of the games -- mostly chosen on account of performance. I'm linking here so as I can remember some of the moments myself:

Friday, 8/8/08 -- Antonio Rossi (flagbearer)
Saturday, 8/9/08 -- Plavins and Samoilovs (beach volleyball)
Sunday, 8/10/08 -- Jason Lezak (swimming)
Monday, 8/11/08 -- I'm going to vote for Aaron Piersal, but we'll see what Popwatch comes up with! Update: And they go with Jonathan Horton (gymnastics), who, considering I hadn't yet watched the rousing finish to the Men's Gymnastics Final when I typed the above, I heartily agree with. Go team USA!
Tuesday, 8/12/08 -- Federica Pellegrini (swimming)
Wednesday, 8/13/08 -- Yang Wei (gymnastics)
Thursday, 8/14/08 -- Nastia Liukin (gymnastics), of course!! USA! USA! USA!

And then I fell a little behind what with traveling and all, but here's the next few links.
Friday, 8/15/08 -- Michael Phelps (swimming, duh)
Saturday, 8/16/08 -- Usian Bolt (track and field)
Sunday, 8/17/08 -- Shelly-Ann Fraser (track and field)
Monday, 8/18/08 -- Yelena Isinbayeva (track and field) Although what was up with that annoying tie-breaker procedure for gymnastics? It made sense in the men's vault final, but much less so in women's high bar. Grumble, grumble.
Tuesday, 8/19/08 -- Yay! Shawn Johnson (gymnastics). Also someone else, too. Go Shawn!!
Wednesday, 8/20/08 -- Walter Dix (track and field)
Thursday, 8/21/08 -- Phil Dalhausser (beach volleyball)
Friday, 8/22/08 -- Bryan Clay (decathlon)
Saturday, 8/23/08 -- Matthew Mitcham (diving)



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