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Sunday, October 16, 2005

After all that...

After all that chat about being tired yesterday, I couldn't get to sleep for the longest time. I flipped through a couple of glossy British magazines, read a few short stories, tried countless different positions, and listened to my iPod, and it still took for-EVER. Sigh. I hate that feeling. Normally, sleep comes so easily to me that I don't think anything of it -- it's only when you just can't get to sleep that suddenly, it's all you can think about. And all the crazy things that run through your brain when you're trying NOT to think about the fact that you're not asleep, because if you think about that, then it'll be ever harder to fall asleep.

And it wasn't just general insomnia. No, I was tired, as per my last entry, but I'd pulled something in my back, I think, so most of the positions I tried were some form of painful. And I was sleeping (or trying to sleep) on a futon, which didn't really help.

I'd taken one Advil-y type pill earlier in the eveing, then another right before bed, and when I lay on my left side, I could so easily hear my heart beating that I worried I'd somehow managed to overdose on OTC pain medication. When I turned on my iPod, which managed to drown out the sound of my beating heart (how very Edgar Allan Poe), I got caught up listening to a very pretty instrumental song by the Corrs, which I decided would make a gorgeous processional for my wedding, and was able to pull from the music cues exactly how many bridesmaids I should have, even though I'm no where near getting married, which got me thinking about my friend, and her various comments earlier in the day about our friendship, which made me revisit all of her emails and our other recent conversations, and ...

It just went on and on and on. I don't know exactly how I was able to get to sleep, just that I finally did. And then I slept until noon today.


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