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Monday, October 10, 2005

Testing something out

Not that I don't have a ton of other stuff to get ready, but I want to make sure I can blog from the road. I don't know that my phone will work for sending pictures or short text messages, but the shiny blackberry which my office provides will let me email as much as I like, and -- hopefully, fingers crossed -- will work as a phone while I'm abroad.

(Ok, I'm always a broad, but you know what I mean.)

It's just past 5 o'clock here, and though I have work that could keep me here for hours and hours more, I know I can get it all done in plenty of time, so I'll look forward to heading out in about an hour, going home to eat the lunch I forgot to bring with me today, and playing a little CoH with my supergroup buddies. I think I'll throw a bunch of the stuff I don't want to forget to pack into my suitcase tonight, too, just so that it's all already there. Wednesday night I'll do the big, official pack. For I am queen of organization!

Ok, not really. I'm just a wee bit compulsive.


Blogger ktbuffy said...

Hmmm. Good, that worked. Mostly. For some reason, blogger kept the font size and style from my email, but other that that (which I fixed), it worked just fine and dandy. While I'm gone, all my devoted readers will just have to deal with differently formated posts. You can handle that, can't you?

10/10/2005 5:11 PM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...


I feel that we can deal with KTbuffy goodness in whatever form provided.

A tad complusive you say? One day you shall meet the Bear of Highlands and there shall you meet real compulsiveness. ;P

10/10/2005 5:23 PM

Blogger Ted Carter said...

I am not compulsive. Just very very obsessive. I don't mean to harp on this, but I think I should spend at least a couple of hours describing to you just exactly how my obsessive tendencies manifest in my day to day life.

Wait, I'm doing it again, aren't I? I swore I wouldn't do this anymore. Dammit. I am really going to have to think long and hard about how to stop these tendencies. Maybe if I come up with some sort of list.

Um.. Ahem. Nevermind.

10/10/2005 5:34 PM

Blogger Hythian said...

It might have kept the font from the email because the Blackberry sent it as an html email instead of plain text, and it kept the html formatting from your email in the post. Not sure, but if the Blackberry has options for sending email as plain text instead of html formatted, might want to try swapping to that and seeing if it works. *shrugs* Don't have a Blackberry myself, it is on my list of fun electronic toys to pick up soon though.

10/10/2005 10:51 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

See if you can get your office to buy one for you -- that's what I've managed! And I think you're right - Im sure that's what happened with the formating.

10/11/2005 1:14 AM

Blogger Hythian said...

*grins* Independent contractor, so my 'office' is down the hall from my bedroom. On the plus side, it makes for very short commutes most mornings. On the down side, it is a heck of a lot of paperwork at times and not always the most fiscally responsible place to work.

10/11/2005 12:05 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

*grumble, grumble*
"Work from home..."


Lucky dog.

10/11/2005 12:16 PM


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