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Friday, January 13, 2006

For the few of my readers who AREN'T in Colorado

Made it here yesterday morning without any problems, got met at the airport by Stan, and then met the rest of the gang at brunch, finally laying eyes on Doyce, Jackie, and Aaron and getting along like a house on fire. After lunch, we headed back to the house and hung out, hung out some more, tried some delicious honey vanilla vodka, watched some "Coupling" and, after dinner, engaged in a fun, massive, CoH play session. Seven of us in two rooms, next to each other, everyone shouting out and commenting on the action as it happened, running through missions with a madcap grace. Doyce and Dave have already gone on about this in some detail on their blogs, and those folks that want more details on that were all here, so I won't bother with more exciting links.

Today I think we're heading into Denver to hit The Tattered Cover, but first I get to give everyone their presents, so I'm going to rush off and do that, and spend less time typing. Though, here, happily, that's still a fun, communal activity.


Blogger Avocet said...

Wish I were there! I've only met two of you, so far.

Guess you guys were pretty caught up in what you were doing. Only one of the seven said "Hi" to Avo last night. Of course, he logged on just as the CC fun was beginning...

1/13/2006 2:48 PM

Blogger Lela said...

Have a great time, darlin! :)

1/13/2006 3:05 PM

Blogger Rob S. said...

It sounds like a fantastic time. Enjoy!

1/13/2006 7:16 PM


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