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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


What? I'm so money and I totally didn't even know it! Any of the rest of you know anything about this?


Blogger Boulder Dude said...


At least a year.

1/10/2006 3:16 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

That doesn't make any sense! Esplain!!

1/10/2006 3:16 PM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...

That part I am not exactly sure on. I *Think* it is kind of like a Stock market game with Blogs.

1/10/2006 3:50 PM

Blogger Ali said...

What the-? I'm worth, like, $1400! Is it real money? I know it's not, but can we pretend it's real money? And how can I make more of it?!

1/10/2006 6:47 PM

Blogger Avocet said...

It looks to me as if it places a value on your blog based on the number of places linking to it, and/or how often it gets linked.

But that's just my uninformed opinion.

1/11/2006 1:24 AM

Blogger Lela said...

That's so neat!

1/11/2006 10:48 AM

Blogger Ted Carter said...

Wow, now I can ignore this pretend stock market just like I ignore the real one! Actually, it is interesting to see how many sites link to mine, however. Speaking of which, thanks for the link, Kate!

1/11/2006 12:21 PM


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