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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

HtDaS: new status report

So I had a chat with the agent who was reading my "HtDaS" proposal this morning, and she had a very few comments on the proposal itself -- thought it was great with minor changes, yay! I need to add a conclusion -- or rather, a sort of "conclusion I'd like to come to," and she suggested a few more additions/changes to the chapter excerpt. But it all felt very positive! My plan is to hopefully have some time on my (mostly) cross-country flight to work on both "HtDaS" and the "She's Such a Geek" article, which is tentatively titled "Footsie and Fangs," about how I started roleplaying.

So I haven't sold it for a million dollars yet, but we're moving along. Yippie!


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Go go go!


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