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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Not like I get to open any presents yet, but it's official. Merry Christmas!! With apologies for the brevity of my last post -- I thought we had ages before we had to leave for mass, and I could post a nice little "Twas the Night Before Christmas" tribute, but Mom was Mom, and wanted to get to church in time to hear the choir's pre-mass vocal stylings. And oh my, would it really kill them to take some of those songs down a couple of keys? I mean, really. Either that, or get a soprano that can hit the notes -- don't just let some nice woman screetch and try to hit them, and think we won't notice. We do. Well, I do, at least.

And then the pastor, who's not a good speaker by any stretch of the imagination -- don't they make priests take pubic speaking classes at seminary school? -- started off the homily with a rant about the oppressed Christian minority, and the powers that be trying to take Christ out of Christmas... and I crossed my arms and tried to think of other things. Like the hilarity that would ensue if my mom ever noticed that I don't recite the part of the creed that states "I believe in one holy Catholic and apostolic church," or what fit my uncle would throw if -- when I ever get married -- I chose not to have a church wedding. Sigh.

But, in other news, the cookies are all done -- 9 different kinds -- and the tree is all decorated. The presents are wrapped and tagged and beribboned, and there's a can of cinnamon rolls for breakfast sitting in the fridge. And despite my mom offering me a new pocket knife, I'm going to continue to hold out hope that one of the beribboned and bowed packages nestled under the tree is the shiny Swiss Army Knife/memory stick I begged and pleaded for. And with that last Christmas wish...

Good night. With love and warm Christmas wishes to all my friends and readers.


Blogger Avocet said...

Swiss Army knives come with memory sticks now? What'll they think of next?

Merry Christmas, Kate! (Noelle too, if Avo doesn't see her today.)

12/25/2005 10:25 AM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...


Any bets as to which airport she loses the ne Swiss Army Knife at? ;P

12/26/2005 2:19 AM

Anonymous mavra said...

Merry Christmas, crazy bean! :)

12/26/2005 7:03 AM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

Shush! I hardly ever lose stuff - which was why it was such an annoyance that I lost the last one, which I'd had for years and years and years. Anyway, I think they relaxed the security restrictions, didn't they?

12/26/2005 12:14 PM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...

For a day...then they unrelaxed them.

12/26/2005 9:18 PM

Anonymous Amanda said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't recite that line of "The Apostles Creed" at Mass, and I always felt vaguely conspicuous about it. I just can't bring myself to commit so fully to one religion to the exclusion of all of the others. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone. Thanks, Katie...

And I too love this time of year. People are a little nicer and friendlier than any other time, and even the grumpy folks seem less annoying. I hope you had a lovely holiday, and all of your readers/posters too. Merry Merry to Everyone!

12/28/2005 9:46 AM


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