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Monday, December 19, 2005

Back home from Cincinnati

And it's a wonder I'm still an optimist.

I mean, it was great to see my friend Jay, who's very Christmas-y in "A Christmas Carol," and to meet with one of my authors. And the bar Jay told me about months ago was everything he said it would be -- which is to say, a giant fire pit in the back garden, with kind waitresses bringing us warm alcoholic beverages while we chatted and listened to a very good musician.

And Jay and I had a great time playing the Xbox game I got him for Christmas, "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the World," though we didn't finish, of course, and I made him do most of the playing that required actual dexterity.

And it was a nice, relaxing break, when I got to finally read Terry Pratchett's "Thud!", and got through a couple of other magazines, some for work, some for pleasure.

But the other reason I was going to Cincinnati, the whole hoping to meet a guy I've been emailing with since, oh, I don't know, April... that didn't go so well. In that we didn't actually meet. I was there, I was available, we spoke and made tentative plans for Saturday afternoon, and when it actually came time to firm up those plans -- I never heard from him.

Which throws a bit of wrench into the whole "How to Date a Superhero" proposal. Because, yeah, really, how does a girl date a guy who doesn't actually follow through with plans?

I mean, it is me? Am I terrifying somehow, that I scare him away by the very fact that I'm interested in meeting? Is that so crazy?

All I can say is, so far, I'm 0 for 2 with my "fake internet boyfriends." But my real friends -- they rock. Hearing a conversation this weekend between Jay and the NY-based friend that introduced us several years ago, as they discussed my not-date in more and more entertaining and non-complimentary terms -- well, it just warmed the bitter cockles of my heart.

Does my heart have cockles? If not, it warmed wherever they may be.

In any case, for those of you that this relates to, please know that I am still very much looking forward to coming to Denver. Because I'm still an optimist, as mentioned above, and because I'm coming for a very different reason: to be with friends. Also because I can't resist the detailed itinerary I was emailed! See you soon.


Blogger Boulder Dude said...


That sucks, but can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

You finally finished THUD! yay! ;P

12/19/2005 8:26 AM

Blogger ***Dave Hill said...

And at least there's a large enough number of folks out here that even if half of them flake out, the rest should be cool ...

12/19/2005 8:42 AM

Blogger Jackie said...

I was going to promise to show up at the airport but then I remembered that BD is supposed to do that, so here is my promise - if he doesn't show up I'll kick his ass :).

12/19/2005 9:32 AM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...


And she had pointy sparckly shoes and everything. ;)

12/19/2005 9:50 AM

Anonymous Avocet said...

It's fun meeting CoH players! I actually stayed with one during my visit to Washington last week, who lives only 4.4 miles from the townhouse we found for me to rent. Fortunately there are multiple computers in their household, so I was able to play CoH with a friend in the same room for the very first time. Made for a much more entertaining time. I may have to start doing that on a regular basis.

Wish I could get out to Colorado to meet the gang there. I've known Dave since high school, of course, and met Margie at a Christmas party last year, but in all probability will never meet the others face to face. I'd wager a large sum of money, though, that you'll like them all and get along great! Have fun in Colorado, and be sure to post all the details when you get back!

12/19/2005 10:11 AM

Blogger Jackie said...

No silly pretty, sparkly butterfly shoes not so good for butt kicking. You would be able to outrun me in those. Butt kicking requires a much more sensible shoe - say a Merrell mock....

12/19/2005 11:25 AM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

Oh, Jackie, I will bring out my sparkliest shoes, and you will see. There's all SORTS of thing you can do in them!

And by that, of course, I refer to stuff like fighting and dancing and running... I'm reminding of the staged sword fight I did in knee high heeled boots.

Nuthin' dirty.

12/19/2005 11:29 AM

Anonymous mavra said...

Ok, that sounds like an "ow!" waiting to happen. High heels and rapid swishing abouts without a nice gentleman having a good hold on you, just invites a sprained ankle, so it does.
And, funny thing, I actually picked up Pratchett's latest on a shopping whim the other week. Haven't got around to actually open it, though. Got to save something for those dark winter afternoons. Which... we're already having. Right. Time to start reading then? :)

12/19/2005 12:11 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

Well, actually, part of the fight did in fact include a gentleman having a hold on me -- though for purposes of the fight he wasn't very "nice." Did any of you ever see the movie "Dangerous Beauty"? We did a version of that swordfight/poetry contest. And I think I just found another thing I'm going to have to bring to Colorado, didn't I? Doyce, can you transfer video tapes to DVD or mpeg?

12/19/2005 12:28 PM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...


Dangerous Beauty, one of my Faves. So many good scenes and Characters.


And, yes Mavra as far north as you are I would suspect that it is very dark in the afternoons.


No, No...

Not the Morrells. ;P

12/19/2005 12:45 PM

Blogger Jackie said...

Kate we have Dangerous Beauty on DVD. And I am suddenly glad I didn't get the little red high heels with the strings around the ankles to hold them up. Very strappy and very tall or as my friend called them the **** (ahem) me shoes.

Oh yes Stan you forget to pick up Kate and it'll be the Merrells. Maybe even the hiking shoe Merrells I have.

12/19/2005 1:00 PM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...


I will make sure my phoe is working and have put in a request to leave work early that day...so unless I have a Hugo Reyas day I will be there.


What...A party would be a perfect place for CFM shoes.

12/19/2005 1:35 PM

Blogger Hythian said...

I'll have to give Pratchett a second try some day, could never get into it when I tried before.


I'd suggest Doc Martin's for the actual butt-kicking. Well, not so much the kicking because they are pretty freaky heavy but stomping works well with them.


Despite their being (or having been) at least four other Alliance CoH people in the Portland, OR area I haven't met any of them yet. Of course, none of them have put forward vodka and parties as reasons to visit.


Girls get it easy with CFM shoes. Boys don't get the same sort of wardrobe choices it seems. Then again, some people would say being bipedal and awake qualifies for a guy.

12/19/2005 2:30 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

I just couldn't be happier with the discussion of footwear taking place here.

As for your comment Hythian, it's not just one piece of clothing, but I think any time a guy plans ahead enough to wear a textured article of clothing -- something, say, that's soft to the touch and begs to be petted -- well, that's quite a come on.

12/19/2005 2:34 PM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...


A Sporran?

12/19/2005 3:21 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...


12/19/2005 3:37 PM

Anonymous Avocet said...

Hmm. I get a $20 pair of shoes from Payless every year or so. The kind with Velcro fasteners. You're all going to look down on me now, aren't you?

No need for anything which is "soft to the touch and begs to be petted," as that would require somebody willing to do the petting. Ain't gonna happen.

When I made my preliminary trip to the Seattle area, my fellow player briefly met up with several other folks, and told me later than one was an Alliance member as well. He remembered me, as our heroes had apparently met, but I couldn't recall the incident. And I didn't get to actually meet the player.

I'll be passing near two other players in California on my way up there, but the logistics of meeting them will probbaly be insurmountable. Pity.

12/19/2005 8:09 PM

Blogger Jackie said...

I do have a pair of Docs that would work for that, although they are not as heavy as most Docs.

And what makes you think boys don't have things that say CFM? The difference is that girls won't normally tell you that because we just don't want to give you that kind of control.

I generally remember to ask before touching some fabric - ok granted I am normally already in their personal space with my hand before asking but I do ask first :).

12/20/2005 10:27 AM

Blogger Hythian said...

Note to self: Be careful of when and where I choose to wear fuzzy pet-able fabrics in the future. I was unaware of the messages they were sending.


I have had people tell me in the past that men wearing ties are sexy, but wearing ties always make me think of silk nooses. I suppose if one were to look at them instead as leashes, and found that image appealing, it would make sense. Anyone care to comment on the truth or fiction of that fact?


I have an old pair of Doc's that I dig out anytime I go to a concert downtown. They are tough enough I don't have to worry about people stepping on my feet and there are some bands that you really just don't applaud or cheer too but you stomp instead and they make nice loud stomping sounds.

12/20/2005 6:39 PM


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