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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sitting in another airport

Heathrow this time, which is worlds away from JFK, both in terms of distance (duh) and style. I'm here in plenty of time to shop and get something to eat, though I seem to have managed to sit in a non-waitress area.  May need to move...

Yes, I did need to move.  Sorted now.  Anyway, I'm staring out a window at some planes, though it's very very foggy.  Hopefully, it'll clear up soon.

About to dive into a book, which will probably be my last bit of pleasure reading for a while.  Still, enjoy it while I can, huh? Read one book on the plane here - "She Went All The Way" by Meg Cabot - and another yesterday sitting around the house - "Bad Kitty" by Michelle Jaffe, who happens to be Meg Cabot's best friend.  I wish my best friend was a cool, famous, published author, and I could use her connections to get my own stuff published...

Hey, wait a second...


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