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Friday, July 06, 2007

Swim time!

In Astoria Park.

EDIT: Except not so much, since by the time they finally reopened the pool (the park website neglected to mention that the pool was closed for an hour in the middle of the day, every day), and I waited on line to get in, get my bag searched, and be practically frisked to ensure I wasn't bringing any contraband into the pool, when I finally, FINALLY got in -- the lap lanes weren't open. They are apparently ONLY available during the early morning and late night "Adult Lap Swim" sessions, and not, as I was told on Sunday by a Parks Employee, whenever the pool is open.

So, I turn around get dressed, walk all the way home (this is, by the way, after about a 2 mile run to get to the pool, and kill some time waiting for it to reopen), and now have to decide if I'm going to turn around in an hour and try again. I tell you, I'm tempted to give up, throw on some sweats, and veg out. Stay tuned!



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