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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Get to know me! From Rob.

Rob's got this cool thing running on his blog, wherein people ask to be interviewed, and he sends over some random questions, sort of geeky related. Here's mine!

1. Where in the world would you like to travel that you haven’t made it to yet? And what would you do when you got there? I want to go to Hawaii, but we're planning that for the honeymoon, so I won't waste an answer with that. Definitely on my long-term list of vacation spots, though, is a sizable chunk of time in Australia and New Zealand. I want to spend time in Sydney, see the outback, go up to the Great Barrier Reef, and then head up to New Zealand and visit both islands. I figure it'll take weeks to do it all properly, and it takes so long to actually get there, so it's still a bit in the future. But it's definitely on the list!

2. Given your choice of any actor you like (regardless of bugdet), who would you cast as Wonder Woman? When Joss was involved, I figured I could really get behind the casting of Charisma Carpenter as Wonder Woman. I'd love to see her harken back to the second season of Angel, when she was smart, and not tortured, and definitely NOT in love with Angel. When she got all godlike, I lost interest. If not our gal Cordy, I think it'd be fun to see someone like Maggie Gyldenhaal play her.

3. What’s your favorite RPG character, and what’s the coolest thing she ever did? Ooohh... making me go back and revisit geekdom past! I think it was one of my first Tombstone characters (a zombie western game our friend Jay created). I can't recall her name off the top of my head, but she was a twin pistoleer with lightning triggerfinger, so she was throwing lead in the air on every action, practically. Unfortunately, she died in gun battle in a farmhouse, and couldn't be resurrected in time for her compatriots to catch the spider-infested riverboat down to New Orleans, which lead to the next adventure. Still, big fun!

4. Zombies or dinosaurs? Zombies!!

5. Who’s your favorite NYC-based swing band? My vote's got to be for Double Down, who's playing our wedding.

EDIT: And Rob reminded me that part of the meme is anyone can likewise ask to be interviewed, and I'll send over a similar random list of five questions. So go for it!



Blogger ***Dave said...

Well, it's 8 rather than 5, but ... tag.

7/01/2007 1:02 AM

Blogger Rob S. said...

Great answers, Kate -- and that Tombstone game sounds like a blast!

Part of the meme, by the way, as that by playing you offer to ask five questions to whoever says: Interview me!

(Just put 'em in the comments like I did.)

7/01/2007 10:31 AM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

Right! I fix!

7/01/2007 11:11 AM


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