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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy July 5th!

Yesterday was kind of a wacky holiday. It felt weekendish, but it was only one day in the middle of the week, so I didn't make plans to go anywhere. The weather was wacky here, alternatively windy and chilly and rainy and nice. And the fireworks were only a distant booming, not like in previous years when I'd get right up underneath them, either at the beach or watching on the Hudson. it just felt off.

Which may have been an effect of waking up too early in the morning (on a holiday!), when someone decided to park right outside our building and blast music for just long enough to wake both me and my roomie up, long before we'd planned to emerge on a day off.

But I did get a chance to spend the day with Miss Flabbypants herself, who's looking fantabulous, and have many wonderful conversations while in the course of doing some shopping, having some lunch, and completely spacing and not actually looking up to be sure that the movie we wanted to see was actually playing at the theatre nearby. Whoops!

When I got home, I played a little Guitar Hero (practice makes -- well, if not perfect, at least a little better) and watched "Music & Lyrics." Which was silly, but fun. I needed something to scrub my brain clean after wasting an evening watching "Rent" the other day. Man! So glad I didn't see THAT one in the theatre -- either movie or Broadway. I like musicals, but not that one.

Anyway, that was then. In one week, I'll be in Denver. Whee!



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