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Monday, July 09, 2007

A quick update

Very busy this weekend, what with all the shopping and hanging out and being social. Hard to keep up with the blogging! So where were we?

When last we left our heroine, she was debating heading back to Astoria Park to swim some laps. Well, I did go back, and managed 19 lengths of the 50 meter pool before getting a ridiculously painful crap in my leg from all the back and forthing. Worked that out, and did three more lengths, for a total of 22. Which, if my math is right, works out to 1100 meters, or .68 miles -- more than what I'll need to do for the race next weekend. After that, I went home, had some dinner, and Doyce and I later rocked the Operative Renault Strike Force on CoV with a pick-up group. Stayed up until 3 in the morning -- just like old times!

Saturday morning, I went up to my mom's, and we checked out a couple of hotels in order to hold a group of rooms for the wedding weekend. I'd had my heart set on the Rye Town Hilton, where I'd played in the halls as a kid, and one time, played in the indoor pool on Kenny G's inflatable pool toy! Good times, good times. The Hilton couldn't block off a group of rooms for us, since they have another convention there that weekend, but I was able to reserve 9, and could call back to reserve more. In the meantime, I checked out some of the other options.

The Doral Arrowwood is nice, but the setup is kind of weird, and they're clearly geared towards business travellers. The rate is one price Friday and Saturday night, then jumps up hugely for Sunday night. Plus, the way the hotel is arranged is kind of confusing.

So we did some shopping for ideas, and crafty stuff, and got some mason jars for our planned candy buffet, and then checked out the Summerfield Suites. Good sized rooms, all of which are suites with lots of room, friendly staff, plenty of availability, a good rate including breakfast, and a place to hang out after the wedding. So, I'm going to hold a block of rooms there, and people can call them directly to reserve for any combination of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, for a one- or two-bedroom suite. I'm being budget conscious wherever possible, and the suites allow for people to share rooms if they want, since each room also has a full sized pull-out bed, not to mention a full kitchen -- nicer than some apartment kitchens I've been in.

So that was a full day on Saturday. Yesterday, I have brunch with Miss Kyrra, talked wedding stuff, and walked over with the roomie to Astoria Pool again to try to get out of the heat. Huge long line to get in, but the pool is big enough to hold thousands, probably, so it was still fun and refreshing. Hit an Italian Ice stand on the way back home, made some cheeseburgers on the George Foreman grill, and watched "Cars." All in all, a very good day.

And only three more days until I'm in Denver!

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