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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

May have found my wedding shoes.

They're Prada. Swoon!

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Blogger ktbuffy said...

I actually went into Prada today, and came <=thisclose=> to buying a pair of purple heels for the wedding. I was pressured by the last remaining pair in my size, on sale, but they were a little too gladiator-esque for me, so I managed to restrain myself.

Still -- pretty!

6/28/2007 3:41 PM

Blogger Lindystar said...

Purple shoes? What color will the dress be? They Are pretty.

(found you just wandering blogs, and I love shoes so figured I'd say hi)

6/29/2007 11:45 AM

Blogger ktbuffy said...

The dress is ivory, but I want that bit of color and fun for my feet. And hi! Thanks for stopping by! I love shoes, too!

6/29/2007 11:52 AM


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