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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Semi out of contact

Gearing up for a very busy time at work, which cuts down on the amount of time I have to blog and catch up on other people's blogs during the day, and Time Warner Cable seems to be having a problem with supplying information to computer modems in the exact two block radius of our apartment, so there's no internet at home. Joy. On the plus side, did manage to get not one, but TWO cable guys up to the apartment last night in an attempt to fix the thing -- and they were the ones who were finally able to confirm that the announced service interruption on the machine when I called in the night before last did, in fact, apply to my problem. Could someone have told me that before the roomies and I tried to rearrange our schedules to be home for a service call? Nah.

Oh. But the cable guy was highly unamused by the wires outside our window, and the splitter dangling in mid air. He's making them send a guy to do a complete reline of our apartment. Just in time, too, for us to move out.

Man, I can not find a new apartment soon enough!



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