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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Movies to see

Last year, I kept the list of the top 25 possible Oscar contenders according to Entertainment Weekly in my calendar; this year, I'm throwing them up on here. All comments are welcome, of course, and I'll try to update as I make my way through the list. The Oscars are on March 5th, with nominations announced on January 31st. How many of these have you seen?
  1. Brokeback Mountain
  2. Good Night, and Good Luck
  3. Crash
  4. Capote
  5. Munich
  6. Walk the Line
  7. Cinderella Man
  8. Syriana
  9. A History of Violence
  10. The Constant Gardener
  11. Transamerica
  12. North Country
  13. Memoirs of a Geisha
  14. Pride & Prejudice
  15. Match Point
  16. Mrs. Henderson Presents
  17. King Kong
  18. Hustle & Flow
  19. The Squid and the Whale
  20. Junebug
  21. The Upside of Anger
  22. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  23. Cache (Hidden)
  24. Shopgirl
  25. The Chronicles of Narnia

So far, I've only seen 4: Cinderella Man, Pride & Prejudice, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Clearly, I need to get cracking.


Blogger Avocet said...

I have seen... none.

1/18/2006 1:07 AM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...

The Constent Gardener - Good

Pride and Prejudice - Best version I have seen

Shopgirl - I liked it

Though several of the others sounded good to me.

1/18/2006 2:19 AM

Blogger ***Dave Hill said...

I have seen ... wow, I actually saw one of those (Narnia).

We don't get out to movies much ...

1/18/2006 8:26 AM

Blogger Avocet said...

More than I do, Dave. More than I do.

1/19/2006 11:19 AM


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