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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Thinking beachy thoughts

So, I'm a day away from vacation, the piles on my desk dwindling away to almost nothing as I check another thing off my "To Do" list. Actuallu, make that two things, or two lists, rather, as I have my work list and my "other stuff" list. Stiil, now that I look at it, the remaining list isn't tiny...

No worries! It will get done! And tonight, after my writers group, while I'm still feeling creative and juicey, I'll post my second round piece in our Storyball collective writing project. Unless I get slammed in writers group, told I'm a hack, and that I should never set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) again. But how likely is that?

Um. Er. Eek. *swallows nervously*

Would love to have the time to play some CoH or CoV, but I don't think I'll get to that before I go. Which I regret, since it's always a blast playing with friends, and I'm enjoying trying out some new characters, in both games. Want to see how this whole base thing works, too. I heard there may be a future development that will let you build sort of personal bases as well -- like apartments for your heroes. That'd be fun, to finally see the apartment where Noelle lives and I've set a number of her stories.

Oh, and on a somewhat related note, I'm putting the NY ComicCon on my calendar for February. I think it might be something I can convince the Powers That Be here at work to send me to. Maybe. I am the sort of expert in the office on the subject -- which is an interesting place to be, given how little I feel I really know about comics. Still, in comparision, I'm a genius. Shazaaam!


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