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Friday, October 28, 2005

(iPod + Crowded Subway) x Vivid Imagination = Movie Magic!

I tell ya, throw a little Frank Sinatra on shuffle at the end of a long week, and, if you're me, you get a complete mental movie of a 1940s style musical, with everyone around me on the subway car bursting into Busby Berkeley-style dance moves. It's pretty inside my head.

Anyway, I promised pictures from last night. Take into account that for some of these, I had the camera on its night setting, and the flash off, which is great for getting the real colors of the night, but because it leaves the shutter open for longer than usual, can turn things squiggly. Still, I'm pretending it's a photographic style.

Here we have Lady Liberty, of course.

And sailing back to Manhattan.

I'm actually really happy with a picture of me and Yi Shun, but I've got this thing about putting my picture on this page, so... it's not here. Hope you don't mind. If I can figure out a way of hiding it somewhere, I'll do that. Cause I am somewhat sneaky.

Oh, and I'm really, really excited about the Nanowrimo project we've got going. I think it's going to be really special.


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