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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mixing it up

Still sated after several days of turkey meals, yesterday I undertook a complete room overhaul. I get like this. Antsy. I've been in my apartment now for almost three years (I can't believe it's been that long already!) and we just renewed our lease for another year, so it's not like I can really change anything big. But just like last year I painted the bathroom, this year I got a bug in my bonnet to rearrange my room. Which, given the confines of the space and the several big pieces of furniture I own, isn't the easiest of propositions. Still, I got it all done, and sneezed my way through a pretty thorough cleaning as I went. Even managed to get rid of a piece of furniture that wasn't adding anything exciting to the room, and decided I don't REALLY need to keep all my old Entertainment Weeklys. I moved a shelf around, changed my "dressing area" and even freed up some of the electrical sockets which were completely hidden in the old arrangement. Ok, so some of them are still a stretch to get to, but at least I have some free now.

I also pulled out all the "projects" I need to get to work on for Christmas presents and the like, and the things I can do while I'm sitting watching television. And I found my big old box of audio mix tapes (ok, it wasn't really lost, just in a box underneath my bed), and I thought I might try to remake some of the arrangements on iTunes. I mean, most of the mixes were of my own CDs anyway, so it should be relatively easy. And then I can get rid of the tapes too, so how's that for efficient?

So today I just need to get some writing done, do my enormous bag of laundry that's threatening to take over my newly cleaned room, and read some manuscripts for work. And hopefully, get onto CoV for a bit today. And make some turkey soup. Yummy.


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