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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gives "The Core" a run for its money

Ok, so I meant to say this yesterday, but on Monday night, MJ, the roomie and I watched part two of CBS' howlingly bad disaster movie "Category 7: The End of the World." Man. Soooooo bad. Words cannot begin to express. I mean, we knew it was going to be -- that's why I generic-brand-Tivo'ed it. How can you miss with Gina Gershon as the head of FEMA? And Randy Quaid as a stormchaser. And Shannen Doherty as a Coyote Ugly-type bartender/metrological grad student? Shannen had one of the best lines ever, in my book, "You're not going to have a life if you don't crawl in a hole with me RIGHT NOW." Now imagine that said to Randy Quaid. Or don't -- not before breakfast, at least. Then there was the scene where the White House Press secretary, moments after admitting to a hobby collecting -- no, stealing -- garden gnomes, got blown up with the ex-Secretary of Homeland Security. In the White House. Which had been leveled by a hurricane. Oh, and the guy who just kept driving around. Driving, driving, driving.

Good times, I tell ya.

What else? Still working on a pile of stuff, but I'm incredibly proud of finding an extra couple of thousand bucks yesterday for a soon-to-be-client of mine, in looking over her payment schedule from her current (soon-to-be-previous) agent. Go me! And I'm thinking it's almost time to start compiling my Holiday Wish List. Hythian got me thinking about it yesterday. And I've got to get back to the keyboard with yee olde "HtDaS," and get it to the agent who agreed to read it. I want to do that for next week. So, call it a plan.


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