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Monday, October 17, 2005


One meeting down, 58 to go! (Man, what'd I go and count them all for? Now that just seems like such a HUGE number!)

Anyway, had dinner tonight with a really lovely couple who run a big Polish publisher, who buy a ton of books from us, and recently paid us a record amount of money for one of our big authors. AND they took me to dinner!

So much food, too. Amuse bouches first, which were some kind of cabbage thing, and a potato soup, I think, then a cold plate of lobster and scallops, thinly sliced in a citrus stock of some kind, then for the main course, canard! For dessert -- creme brulee, with different wines for dinner and dessert, and champagne to start. By the end of the meal, though, my nose was running crazy from the smokers at the next table (and the slight head cold I seem to have come down with), and I was happy to get back to the hotel, write up my notes, and place my breakfast order.

And finally, because I'm photo-crazy, another shot from my hotel window, this time at night.


Blogger thedeviluno said...

Saucey, sounds delightful.

10/17/2005 6:24 PM

Blogger Boulder Dude said...

Hurt back....a cold....take care of yourself woman.

Prety view though....

And the food sounds great.

10/17/2005 9:15 PM


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