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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Moving on...

... from yesterday's brouhaha, I had a great meeting last night with my writers' group, where we discussed my proposal for "How to Date a Superhero." Got lots of great comments and suggestions and ideas on improvements, and was left all-over with a really positive vibe about the project. This, among all the stuff I'm working on right now, feels like something that's really going to sell.

Big bucks, baby, big bucks! No whammies!

In other news, I came into work early again today and already got one huge project off my desk, and am going to tackle the next now. I did cancel the lunch I had scheduled with an editor, though -- it just didn't seem fruitful to skip out of the office for the two hours that would probably take, not when I still have a lot of other stuff to do. And not all Work work, either. I have to respond to a PM from another character about a scene, write up some exciting defense testimony, throw some ideas on paper for a short story contest I'm entering, and decide if I'm going to do laundry tonight, write, or just bash people about the head online.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...


Blogger Hythian said...

Go you! Can't wait to hear more about your 'HtDaSh' book!

That and your 'no whammies' comment is making me wish I got the gameshow network right now because that was always a very silly gameshow to watch.

10/04/2005 12:07 PM


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