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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Calling it a (relatively) early night

After coming back here and updating, my boss and I wandered pass three hotels, including our own, before finding a short enough taxi line to wait on. Of course, by the time we grabbed one and told him where we were going, she had to pretty much head straight to her dinner party, so I went into one cocktail party with her nametag, grabbed a beer, and spoke to the two people I knew there. Then, I slipped off my nametag, and went across the hall to ANOTHER party, where everyone was speaking French (in contrast to the first party, which was mostly German). Did a quick buzz through the hotel lobby to see if I saw anyone I knew (nope), then found those two folks again and joined them for dinner in the hotel bistro. Which would have been really delightful if not for the annoying cigar smokers at the table next to us. Ick.

I'm almost glad I still can't breathe through my nose.

Tomorrow's a long day at the agents' center with no breaks -- although hopefully another meeting or two won't show up, and I'll have an unexpected half-hour off. There's what looks like a fun little bazaar between the halls, and I want to see if I can pick up some Christmas presents.


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