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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Busy as a beaver

Is that phrase still acceptable for polite conversation, or are we all too gutter-minded for anything but snorts? Anyway, work is a mad rush. I didn't manage to wake up early today, and so while I wasn't late, I didn't get the jump start on my day that I'd hoped for. And now I have to catch up with everything.

Tonight, though, I will hopefully be able to relax in front of the tv and enjoy "Lost" and "Veronica Mars." And on the subject of today's headline, Logan's line last week to our gal Cordy (yes, she has a new character name, but I didn't catch it. She'll always be Cordy to me) -- "Can Dick and Beaver come out to play?" -- as a cover for his daytime nookie call was truly brilliant. And one of the reasons why the writing on this show, and the continuity, is so often-praised.


Blogger Hythian said...

Since beavers only reproduce once per year, it is still probably safe for polite conversation, at least among polite people.

Among impolite people any usage of the words 'busy' and 'beaver' in any combination will likely result in dirty jokes galore and snickering.

10/05/2005 2:14 PM


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