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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This makes me feel much better about my library

Or rather, our proposed expanded library...

So, downstairs we're putting general fiction (alphabetized by author), then general nonfiction. Doyce has a separate section for game stuff, and we've agreed to reserve an entire shelf for Buffy and/or Angel books and collectibles. In my home office, I'm putting all my YA and middle grade novels, and adding my children's picture books to Kaylee's bookshelves in her room. I want to put travel books (guides and travelogues, as well as photo books and maybe photo albums) upstairs, perhaps in the living room, once we furnish that, cookbooks and entertaining and bar guides in the kitchen, and possibly journals and naughty books in the bedroom.



Blogger DeAnna said...

Pfft. His books are altogether to cliquish. They need to be intermingled in order to have good conversations.

10/17/2007 8:36 PM


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