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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Garden of the Gods

As promised, pictures!

This is just some of the beautiful scenery in the Garden of the Gods. I don't know how I thought it was made, but I was really interested to learn (by eavesdropping on a tourguide) that the Garden, and Red Rocks closer to Denver, were made when a big flood came along and lifted the natural ground rock to an angle, and then left it to sit there. Again, that's just what I overheard. I welcome any comments that want to tell me more! I love geology! (Actually not a lie. It's my favorite science.)
And this is, of course, the great rock climber Kaylee, ignoring all signs forbidding rock scrambling, taking a whisk to the limestone. You go girl!!



Blogger ***Dave said...

Alas, no massive flood (unless so credited by Young Earth aficionados), but "simple" long-term seismic uplift of previously laid-down sedimenatary rock are responsble for the "razorback" that stretches down to GotG and up to Red Rocks and the Boulder Flatirons.

Some references:

10/04/2007 1:03 AM

Blogger Meera said...

You should go horseback riding (Academy Stables are just off of Colorado Blvd. in Manitou) through the Garden during the summer, especially taking their "dawn ride" where you can see the sunrise through the rocks.

I miss my mountains.

10/17/2007 11:44 AM


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