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Monday, October 15, 2007

I always do what they tell me to do...

So, apparently, word on the internets is that we're supposed to post on our blogs today about the environment.  Which many folks have already done in much more cogent posts than I will likely write, so I will instead offer this tiny little way to help the environment I walk through every day -- the New York City Subway. 
Fellow straphangers - see all that trash on the tracks?  You know how sometimes trains are delayed because of refuse on the tracks, and we're all late to work (or getting home) while someone goes down there to clean it up?  You know what would keep this problem from occurring?  If instead of just DROPPING trash on the subway platform, or on the tracks themselves, we all actually used the garbage receptacles on the platforms.  Yes, I know -- sometimes those trash cans are dozens of steps away from you.  It's so FAR.
Suck it up, people.  Throw out trash in bins, or keep plastic wrappers and other stuff you'd otherwise toss on the ground in your pocket until you get home, or until you pass a more convenient garbage can. 
Or one of these days, I will follow through on my urge to pick up someone's dropped trash and give it back to them.



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And ooh! I don't know how I keep the font I've got currently going on the blog, but I like it!

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