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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Also, tragedy!

Chumley's is being torn down! Like, right now, as I type.

So sad. Chumley's was one of great old speakeasies, and a bar you still needed to know where it was to get to: through the apartment courtyard off a quiet residential street in the West Village, down a step, and through an unmarked heavy wood door to a perfectly preserved hangout of hip, Prohibition-style.

Bloom and I went there on my birthday two years ago. Every time I went, I remember running into people I knew. It was one of my very favorite NYC "secrets" and I'm heartbroken it's going away. Wah!!

Edit: More about Chumley's



Blogger Elena said...

No! That blows. Blooooooooows! (to be read windily)
At least you got to wear the tiara there.

4/09/2007 2:53 PM


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