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Monday, January 29, 2007

The first rule of Fight Club...

Is you don't talk about Fight Club. People know this. What I didn't know, before I saw the film for the first time yesterday, is that there's a whole secret twist to the tale. A Sixth Sensian secret. And I'm really and truly amazing that in the 8 years since the film came out, I never knew about the twist. No one ruined it for me. And for that, I guess I just have to thank the rules of Fight Club.

I mean, I know who does what at the end of Million Dollar Baby. I know just what Rosebud is. And I know about what happens in Chinatown, even though I've seen none of those movies.

Fight Club surprised me, and I liked it even more than I thought I would. Though I didn't see the allure of Helena Bonham Carter's Marla at all.

And in other movie news -- go see Pan's Labyrinth. Go. Now. You'll thank me (even if you have to watch parts of it with something covering your eyes, like I did).



Blogger Boulder Dude said...


No one told you that Fight Club sucked and was levels of stupid?


1/30/2007 9:45 AM

Blogger Harry Tournemille said...

I enjoyed Fight Club, but for me the ending was wasted. No real payoff for all the build-up.

Other fantastic films worth considering (my humble opinion of course): The Celebration (subtitled foreign beauty) and more currently Babel... which had no massive revelation buried within its story, but was as heartfelt and lyrical as anything I've seen in quite some time.

Oh, got my first freelance gig. Had an interview and the whole nine. WoOt.

1/30/2007 12:35 PM

Anonymous Kevin said...


1/30/2007 5:19 PM

Blogger ***Dave Hill said...

Unlike some, I actually liked Fight Club quite a bit (better than Chinatown, in fact). But, then, I like all sorts of awful movies. :-) I'm glad it didn't get spoiled for youl

That said, it's definitely worth taking some time to see Citizen Kane, too, even if you "know" the secret (which I had spoiled for me on an episode of "Happy Days," of all things).

1/31/2007 4:07 PM

Blogger Ali said...

Pan's Labrynth - beyond awesome!(But so hard to watch...)

2/03/2007 12:35 AM


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