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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting Motivated!

Waaaaaay back when (January 2004), my good friend Yi Shun convinced me to sign up for the Danskin Triathlon, and write all about it for her website. The first article appeared in February 2004, and several months later, having successfully completed our training and finished a tri, we celebrated. A year later, we did it again, though I didn't train for it, and suffered much more during the running of it.

Well... I'm doing it again. Thanks to my cult, I think I'm in much better shape than when I ran the 2005 tri, at least. But of course, I can't just run any ole tri. No, I have to step things up, and go to the next level. I can't just do the same thing I've done before! So yeah, I'm running the Danskin Tri again, but this time, I'm doing it in Denver. At altitude.

Yi Shun's going to do it with me, and maybe our friends Jodi and Gretchen as well. What this means is that I need to start including running, biking, and swimming workouts with my NIA classes. And I have to tell you all about it, so that I can't back down.

Wish me luck!

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