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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stories From The Land's End Hotel and Resort

So, for the past month, as my Nanowrimo contribution, I've been working with an incredibly talented group of writers on what we've termed a "Storyball" project -- taking a shared setting, and writing in waves, each story touching on several others, and sort of "rolling" along. And, well, it turned out better than I think any of us thought it would. Part of that -- a huge part of that -- is due to the incredible talents of the writers involved. Another big part, I think, was more unconscious. Half the time, I'd get my ideas for my next story only when I sat down to write, or just before falling asleep. Fairies and broken wings, people disappearing into paintings, chessboards and ever-winding towers, tunnels underground, whorehouses and lemon groves, and through it all -- the hotel.

It's just... cool. A little Neil Gaiman, a little David Schickler (read Kissing in Manhattan if you haven't already), a little of a lot of other ideas, but still, something entirely original, even as it touches on Shakespeare, Stephen King, ancient myths, and 19th century poetry.

All of us who participated are chomping at the bit to do it again -- ok, maybe not for December, but January's looking good. And we're trying to figure out the best way it would work in print, without the hyperlinks that were a huge part of the project.

Anyway, I'm not sure yet if I'm allowed to give out the link, but since it's officially done, and half of the people who read this were participants anyway, I figured I'd go for it.

Go here. Dive in anywhere. And enjoy.


Blogger Ted Carter said...

No you cannot give out the link. Take it back. As we've all learned from the project, time travel is possible, so go back and fix it!

Actually, I'm anxious for "outsiders" to get a look and tell us what they think. I think I'll announce on my blog, too. That way, if you get in trouble, so will I!

12/01/2005 4:40 PM

Blogger ***Dave Hill said...

Ktbuffy thought she'd posted the link. She was sure she had.

And yet -- now that she looked, it linked to something completely different. Something ...

A small child with a deep voice said, "Links are for golf. And for chains. Chains looped through posts. And not blog posts."

And she heard the tinkling of metallic bonds.

And knew that it was too late.

12/01/2005 9:08 PM

Blogger ktbuffy said...


*looks around nervously*

12/01/2005 11:49 PM


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