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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Being a tourist

I haven't had much of a chance this week to see the city, except from the back of a cab as I journeyed from hotel to hotel. Tonight, post-massage and -swim, I'm out and about, having braved the tram system on a slim understanding of where I thought I was heading and what line I needed to take.  So. I successfully made it to the Romerplatz, which is that very pretty old European-looking open square that's probably Frankfurt's big tourist spot. At least, I hope it is.  I mean, I took pictures of it and everything.

Now, I'm sitting in a restaurant on the square - the platz, I guess - with a nice big stein of beer and a plate of sausages and sauerkraut on the way.  Yummy. I'm starving.  In the background, faintly heard below the chatter of Japanese from the tourists at the table next to me, is another one of those European sirens.  Above me, a sudden dash of raindrops on the canopes over the table.

Canopy? Canapy? Really big umbrellas? Whatever.

I've just toasted with the herr who sat down across from me, leaving his open-air seat at the table across the aisle to join me under my umbrella.  And now he just lit a cigarette.  Oh joy.  For so many reasons, I'll be glad to get home, but finally being free of the constant haze of cigar and cigarette smoke is one of the biggies.  Also, tv not in German.  Can't wait to catch up on all the shows my sweet DVR is holding for me.

Didn't manage much shopping either, except for a stroll through the small crafts fair in the Messe.  Bought myself a green amber ring with matching earrings.  I guess I'll have to hope I can pick up some souvenirs for the munchkins and all at the airport.  And Maltesers once I get to Heathrow, of course. I've had a heavy handful of pound coins in my wallet all week. Don't know if I'll get anything more exotic than chocolate though.  Maybe, maybe not.

Still starving.  Hurry up, food!

Oh yay, it's here!


Blogger Boulder Dude said...

Looks tasty!

10/22/2005 7:53 PM

Blogger yi shun writes said...

canopy: large tent
canape: cracker appetizer
canapy: italian cracker appetizer served under large tent.

10/25/2005 4:05 PM


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