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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This, that, and, yes, the other thing

So, every year my brother arranges a golf tournament in memory of my dad. He's been doing it for -- let's see -- 18 years? That can't be right... Anyway, my job has always been to help with the all-important beer cart driving. This year, because I'll be out of the office for the week before the tournament in Germany, and have been rather strenuously encouraged to be right back to work on the following Monday (the date of the tournament), I'm going to have to miss it. Which is a shame, and I'm annoyed, but since there's nothing really I can do about it, what's the use in complaining?

So, I won't be able to take place in this big family thing we do every year, but my brother's got me handling webmistress duties instead. Yup. We've gone high-tech, and got ourselves a blog. And the whole point of this post here was going to be a triffling little "argh!" that I got called THREE times by various family members to make spelling corrections on the post. Which, ok, yes, I fully intended to fix them immediately after I got the first call, but the internet was haunted and wouldn't let me, and by the time I had a chance to do so this morning, I already got the next call, and the third shortly thereafter to change something back. Just... sigh. But thanks to my friend who talked me through the template changes on my site, I was able to easily make changes on the family site. So, wahhoo! And thanks.

So if that was the "this", what's the "that?" Hmmmm... Oh! I'm going even MORE high tech at home. The roomie and I have upgraded to digital cable and digital video recorder, so those mean programmers who schedule Lost at the same time as Veronica Mars won't be able to keep me from going on on Wednesday nights. Now, I can record two things at the same time! Isn't technology grand? Thanks to Matt and Alisha for the final nudge that brought us into the brave new world of the 21st century. (Also, they're funny people. Go read their stuff. Go! Now! I'll still be here when you get back.)

You back? Ok, so on to "The Other Thing." Something happened recently to an internet friend that made me think about our online society. It's not a happy thought, but if something happened to me, god or the PTB forbid, would my email correspondents and blog readers ever know? I want to leave something -- like a note with my will, if I had one, or some kind of final instructions -- that if I died, or were otherwise unable to type again, or even just was cut off from all internet access for a period of time, that someone would blog about it for me, and let people I know know. Because the fact is, while some of the people I email with and talk about and who comment here are "real life" friends, the others that aren't are still folks I consider friends. It's a Blade Runner kind of futuristic mindset that hopes that someone, if the worst would happen, would think to email everyone in my address book, so that no one is left in the dark.

And on that thrilling, upbeat note... I'm going to lunch.


Blogger Boulder Dude said...

Yes...Matt and Alisha are very funny people.

Kudo's to her for finally getting published in Gawker! :)

9/21/2005 5:31 PM

Blogger yi shun writes said...

hmmm. i'd imagine that it'd be someone with access to your pooter that would have the easiest time of this, right? like, someone who can easily log onto your account and tell people?
this makes sense. it is a good idea.

9/21/2005 11:18 PM

Blogger Hythian said...

Yeah. I've been thinking about the same thing recently. Sort of a "If I am in someway incapacitated, please let these people know and do the following" type of list.

9/22/2005 2:39 PM


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