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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Looooong lunch

This has been a sort of weird work day. I had to get up by myself today -- which, ok, so you're all like "What? Big deal!" -- but I usually can trust my roomie to knock on my door as he goes into the shower, and it's that knock, more so than the alarm clock which I snooze every nine minutes, which gets me up and going. But he (the roomie, not the alarm clock, which is sexless) was working from home today, or as I like to refer to it: "working" from home, so he slept in.

So, anyway, I get my little self up, grab the subway to work, have a little breakfast, and then have a 10am staff meeting, which takes about an hour. I don't mind that at all -- it's great to actually sit down with my colleagues, and half the time it's the first chance I get to hear about some of the issues they're dealing with, good and bad. So, staff meeting, then when I get back to my desk I have a message from my lunch date's assistant, suggesting a time (12:30) and a restaurant (way down in Tribeca). I agree, of course, for I'm nothing if not agreeable, and then I had less than an hour to get an entire morning's worth of work done. Ran out of the office at noon, hit an ATM, and took a $13 cab ride down to the office of the editor I was meeting (who has an AMAZING view of the Hudson, by the way. Stunning!), and enjoyed a nice, leisurely lunch. My cab ride BACK to the office took For-EVER though, and when the meter hit $16.50 and I still was several blocks away, I told him I'd walk the rest of the way. Which I did, and saw two very cool, New York-y sights.

1)A full brass band being conducted in concert on the sidewalk in front of a Greek restaurant less than a block from Carnegie Hall, and

2)Someone smoking outside the service entrance to Trump Tower, wearing a "You're Fired!" baseball cap. I wonder if she HAD to wear it, or if it was some sort of meta statement.

Anyway, so I'm back to work now for a few more hours before I run home to do laundry, go to my CoH character's impromtu "Welcome Back!" party, and see about rolling up a villain or two. Yay!


Blogger Boulder Dude said...

Sounds like a busy, and yet fun day!

9/15/2005 4:13 PM


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