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Monday, November 05, 2007

Reviewers love us!

Thanks to Teresa, whose blog I regularly troll, I found this link to a review of Love on the Dark Side, the latest Black Lace anthology to feature a story by Katie Doyce. And they liked it!
Power Play, by Katie Doyce is a great sci-fi story about the super heroes (Vindicators) of Mercury Bay, and how one woman, Jessica, who also goes by the name of Timbre, uses some special techniques to capture the heart of Cinder, an escaped naughty boy. But it's her week off, if she turns him in that would be work, so she puts her plan in action to keep him detained. After all, she's supposed to be on holiday! A delightful tale of cunning tactics, sensational vibes, and superhuman power play! It's funny, sexy and out of this world.
Just out now in the US. Pick up a copy today!

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