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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Writing Assignment

Grabbed this off of ***Dave's blog, who got it from Terry, who got it from some guy named Steven Leigh. Otherwise known as Ten Questions for Writers, I'm going to try to forget Dave's answers and come up with my own.

What color is fear? Orange, with a fiery red around the edges.

What sound does affection make? Laughter.

What texture does Autumn have? Crisp, like scrunching leaves under your feet as you walk.

What shape does a conversation make? A figure eight, like infinity. Round and around and around.

What fabric is a kitten made of? Sorry, Dave, your answer's just absolutely right. Cashmere.

What noise is made by curiosity? A querolous "Mmmhm?", like the red monsters from "Labyrinth," or some other Henson creatures. The aliens encountering a telephone.

What is the smell of knowledge? Libraries -- old books, ancient xerox machines, wet wool on people that got caught in a rain shower and came inside to get warm and check out a book.

How do you punctuate life? With an exclamation mark or two. And sometimes a smilie.

What does death taste like? Ash and loneliness.

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, what kind of tree is it? A new home to a different breed of forest creature.

Your turn!



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